Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 5: Jesus Healed the Sick #LIGHTtheWORLD

Day #5 is Jesus healed the sick. No one likes to be sick or under the weather. I firmly believe that Jesus heals the sick. I have witnessed this kind of healing in the past. It is amazing. Here are a couple times I have witnessed Jesus Healing the sick. When a friend of mine was struck by lightning in a boat on a lake, she should have had serious damage but walked out of the hospital with a burnt patch of hair. When I had my miscarriage, I started bleeding very badly. My blood pressure was dropping and I almost had to have a transfusion but I was anointed in Jesus's name and the bleeding stopped.   Some people call it a miracle but I know it's Jesus taking care of us.

It's really easy to pray for the sick. Jesus wants to heal us because he loves us. He wants to take care of us. I know I talk about my Grandma Rose anytime I can. She used to do prayer chains with her friends. This was before email, so my grandma had a pad of paper by the phone to jot down the prayers. Then she would call everyone else in the prayer chain. It was neat to watch her do it. I would always pray with her. She loved doing it and serving God. I thought it would be great to remember the sick and how Jesus healed them this December. Christmas is a fantastic time to remember all that Jesus did and does for us. 

Sometimes simple prayers can make someone feel not alone or even calm. It means a lot to me when people say they will pray for me. I would love to create an old fashion prayer chain and pray for those who are sick, need prayer, maybe going through a rough time financially or emotionally. Being sick is much more than having a physical ailment. You can also be emotionally sick. God knows your needs. You don't even have to tell anyone what you need prayer for.

You can also become an organ donor to give life to others after your passing.  Giving someone the gift of life is such an amazing gift. It might seem like a hard process with a lot of paperwork to fill out but all you have to do is say yes or no when you are at the BMV. You can search online for another option too. I used to think that it meant that they would come for my organs when I was a kid.

You can also give blood. There’s never enough blood in blood banks. If you have a rare blood type, it’s important to consider donating blood. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t take very long. If you are type O-Negative like my mom that means you are a universal donor. My mom is always asked to donate because almost anyone can receive it. We joke when we see the bloodmobiles out that they are coming for her. She donates as often as she can.

As you are out with your families this holiday season I challenge you to go visit a nursing home or hospital. Say some prayers. Get your kids involved. Make cards and crafts and ask your local nursing home or hospital if your family can come spread some cheer. You could make little stockings and fill them with wrapped hard candies. You could cut the felt out and sew the stockings yourself.

 I am going to spend time praying for others needs. Please feel free to send your prayer requests to ilovebabynoah707@yahoo.com

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