Thursday, October 6, 2016

Year Map Craft

Noah's class this year is doing all kinds of cool things. One of the things they have done so far is called a life map. It's a large manilla folder with photos and important life events. I love how Noah's turned out. It really showcased some of his favorite memories and mine too. It was fun looking at the photos and telling Noah stories about each thing. Some of the things were his first birthday and other things he didn't quite remember. I was thinking about how it would be a cool blog post for families to do at home. Then I came up with an idea that spawned from his teachers.

I think it would be cool to make a year folder. You would do the same idea but do one for each year for each kid. It would be so much fun to look back each year. You could attach photos, movie tickets, stories, memories and anything special you would like. It's kind of like a mini scrapbook that doesn't take up a lot of space. You can get boxes of manilla folders for pretty cheap. It would be an excellent memento each year. It would be a great New Years Eve activity too.  We always have a New Years Eve party, so it would be a fun tradition somewhere between making good bye and hello banners, having a pinata and beating pots and pans. Those are all things my family did on New Year's Eve at my Grandparents growing up. I also liked to look at everyone's photo albums my grandma had made. This would be kind of a tribute to those. It would also be cool to have at a graduation party or wedding shower.  I would love to show my future grandchildren, Noah's year folders. 

It's really easy and there's not a lot of directions. You have the freedom to do it any way you would like. Just make sure the year is on there somewhere so you know when it is from. Have fun and be like Noah and raid your mama's craft supplies...with her permission of course.

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