Monday, October 31, 2016 helps you celebrate and rememeber loved ones

Candles are often used in celebrations. We have candles on our birthday cakes. We make a wish and blow them out. We light them during the holidays during our family get togethers. Candles are lit when we are feeling romantic. Candles are a big part of weddings. They are used for decoration to set the mood. A unity candle is a tradition that many couples take part in. The couple light the candle together as a sign of their union. When I got married, I had a really hard time finding a unity candle. sells affordable and beautiful Unity Candles. Candles are also a common wedding favor. It's a great reminder of the wedding. If you want to honor a loved one as well, Wedding Candles also offers a Unity candle and a memorial candle. You can light the candle and it's like they are there. It's common to honor the memory of a family member at a wedding.

Sometimes candles are a part of sad events too. Candles can be lit for the sick or in a vigil. I remember going to church with my Grandma Rose and lighting candles for her friends. Candles are used at funerals and to remember our loved ones. Lighting a memorial candle is a great way to honor those who have passed away. You can order a personalized memorial candle. You can pick their favorite color or any color you would like. Their name can be written on the beautiful candle holder. I know whenever I see something of my Grandma Rose's I smile. I feel like it's her way of saying I love you more. You can light the candle at weddings, family get togethers, birthdays, baby showers to include them in the celebration. I was sent the candle above. I was not only able to add my Grandma Rose's name, I was even able to personalize it a little more. You can put dates on it too. I chose to have I love you more on it, because that is our special thing.

October is Miscarriage and Infant Loss Remembrance Month. Every October 15th those who have lost a child are invited to light a candle in memory of their baby. This is an event I take part in every year. memorial candles are a beautiful tribute to your child. You can use the memorial candles for remembering anyone including your pet. It would make an excellent sympathy gift too.  Its uniqueness is a beautiful gesture of support and love.  It lasts a lot longer than flowers and helps bring comfort during the grieving process.

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