Monday, October 3, 2016

Together we can #StompOutBullying


Monday October 3rd is Stomp Out Bullying Day. You might be wondering why so many people are wearing blue today. It's to raise awareness about bullying.  Bullying has been a huge problem for a very long time. It is not a new problem. It is not a gender problem nor a race problem it is an everyone problem. If you have never been bullied before, consider yourself lucky. Remember that bullies don't have to be that mean kid on the playground, they can be anywhere or anyone. Even a friend can be one. My best friend bullied me for years, but I didn't stand up. I wanted to share with you some of the experiences I had when I was bullied in my own life. It was never fun to be the butt of someone's jokes and feel like you were worthless. Unfortunately, I am no stranger to bullying as a lot of people have done it to me. People I loved and trusted. As silly as it sounds, it can be hard to get over that abuse.

Let's just say it.... Bullies are abusers. It's abuse. Everything a bully does, every word, every painful thing is abuse. You are abusing a person. There's absolutely no reason to treat anyone that way. We all have problems, we all have insecurities, why are you causing someone harm?  People need to stop making excuses for their kids who are doing serious harm to someone. I have a good memory, I can remember things people said about me when I was in school. Every painful word. I was called ugly, stupid, smelly, hairy, and other things I don't want to share.  I don't let it bother me anymore. I am not 12 and looking for approval. Hearing something long enough, and often enough can make someone believe it.  Bullying can effect you long after it stops. A self esteem is something that can be damaged easily.  Someone who is bullied, will wonder what they did to deserve it. They will sometimes wonder if there is truth to it. It can damage future friendship making skills. It can create trust issues where you wonder who you can trust, and if you tell someone something, will they use it against you? It's a horrific thing to deal with. We need to take a stand, we need to talk to our children, and encourage them to speak up. It might be difficult to open up a dialog. Thankfully, Stomp out Bullying has created a great Parents Information and Resource site to help you.  Together we can stomp out bullying

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