Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Beach is our Happy Place

Noah and I love to go to the beach. There's just something different about it. It's magical. The warm sun and sand between your toes is so relaxing.  I love walking along the beach and dipping my feet in the water when I get too hot. The soothing water melts your worries away. The world just doesn't exist anymore. I know if I am stressed out or having a bad day, the ocean will make it better. Sound machines use the sounds of waves to lull you to sleep. We also love to collect shells. My family has a huge collection throughout the years. Every shell has a story. My favorite vacations almost always are at the beach.
When you are somewhere tropical, people seem nicer and more relaxed. The smell of suntan oil and the salty air makes you feel happy. You see Hawaiian shirts and tank tops everywhere. You might even hear steel drum music. Palm trees are everywhere. The beach is my family's happy place. It's where we go to spend time together. There's no TV, no phones just us. We like to jump waves together. We also like to dig trenches. I always dig my feet in the wet sand and give myself a pedicure. It makes my feet soft.  

 Noah loves to swim but he loves to snorkel even more. He wants to go on a snorkeling trip sometime. For now, he just uses his beloved snorkel and mask. He can usually see fish swimming along.  He insists we go to not only a specific beach but a specific spot because there's a lot of sea life. He loves all sea life. He likes going where we saw some rays that wildly swam with us once. He's always loved the beach as much as I do. That might be because he went to the beach for the first time when he was two months old. We went to Virginia Beach; it was too cold to get in the water but I stuck his tiny toes in the sand.  Everyone loves the beach.

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