Saturday, October 29, 2016

Noah's Halloween Costume

Noah is really looking forward to Halloween this year. He loves to go trick or treating with me. We live in a huge neighborhood, so candy is in an abundance. Some families pass out handfuls of treats. It's more about the walking around than the candy. I end up throwing a lot of it away after it sits there for a while. I am not a fan of the Halloween candy smell.

Noah knows that I like candy, so he has no problem with sharing with me. He's not going to eat it all. I wouldn't let him. He is great at sharing. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating your child's Halloween candy if there's enough. One year it was so cold and wet that we only went to two streets and ended up with quite a bit of candy. That might be because my neighbors gave Noah a couple handfuls. They are super nice.

Every year we go through the whole what do you wanna be for Halloween. Most of the time it's I don't know. This year I asked him if he wanted to be Kylo Ren again. He first said yes but then got an idea. You gotta understand how Noah's mind works. He is very smart and retains information. He also has a great memory. So, he is prone to lots of really awesome ideas. This year he wants to be Think Noodles. Think Noodles is a YouTuber that is really nice and plays video games. I am very familiar with his voice as Noah watches his videos every day. So Noah is dressing like Think Noodles' Minecraft character. We don't know what Think looks like. We are assuming like his Minecraft guy. I like this costume because it's really cheap. I am sure we will have to explain who he is. Maybe put a name tag on him saying Hello, I'm Think Noodles or something.  Noah is a creative dude.  I find it funny that he wants to go as a YouTuber. That sounds like something a blogger's kid would do.

Here's a quick recap of Noah's Halloween costumes:
2006: ghost (he was like 7 weeks old)
2007: turtle
2009: Dog
2010: Superman
2011: Astronaut
2012: Astronaut Commander
2013: Darth Vader
2014: Ninja
2015: Kylo Ren

I'm surprised I actually remembered them all but Darth Vader. Thankfully, Noah remembered. My favorite costume was the turtle followed by the duck. They were both really sweet. We are long past the cutesy Halloween costumes. He doesn't like anything gross or scary yet. 

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