Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Noah's Favorite Game Apps

Noah really likes to play games on the tablet. I let him use it for a little bit when we are on road trips. I used to be technology free on road trips but, I decided it's ok in moderation. He doesn't get to use it when we are at our destination. He knows that it's just for the car. We can sit home and play apps, but when we are on vacation, it's family time.  It's also a blessing on planes to have him entertained when he doesn't want to read anymore. I will download books for him from the library that he can read too.

Noah loves to read, but dragging around ten books is such a pain. They aren't little books either. Noah wanted to share some of his favorite apps for road trips.

1. Minecraft- It's all about Minecraft. I love looking the different places he makes. He is trying to get me into Minecraft, but it's not really my thing. He's very creative. It can be creepy though because he always has cats and they randomly meow while he plays.

2. Sling Kong- OK I think I play this more than Noah does. I love it. Basically, you sling little creatures on pegs for tokens. We have so many creatures. I think that we might have them all on one game.

3. 2048- It's an educational math game. Noah really likes it. I like that it is helping him practice math.

4. Geometry Dash- I don't really understand the purpose of this game honestly. It is another educational game Noah likes.

5. Tapfish- This is an app we downloaded in 2011, and we have redownloaded it many times. It's a virtual fish tank. It reminds me of the Tamagotchi because you have to feed the fish and clean their tank.

6. Where's my Water- My aunt introduced this game to us and we really like playing it. You have to get the water to Swampy's pipes so he can shower. It seems like its the end of the world if he doesn't get to shower.  It's fun to figure it out. Some are really easy and some take a long time to figure out.  It seems like the more you focus, the simpler the puzzle is.

7. Jeopardy- Who doesn't love trivia, and answering questions. It's funny to see how many questions Noah knows. He wants to go on Kids Jeopardy when he gets a little bit older.

What are your family's favorite game apps to play?

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