Monday, October 24, 2016

Get Your Nails Holiday Ready with Dazzle Dry

I can't believe it's almost the holidays again! Time sure does fly. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was talking about the last day of school. The holidays are a very busy time for most people. It starts with Thanksgiving, then shopping and activities for winter holidays and then the actual holidays and then the New Year.

With all the holiday shopping, baking, family get togethers, school concerts it can be time to do your nails. You might not want to spend the cash to get a manicure because you're saving every extra penny for Christmas or a winter vacation. Dazzle Dry has you covered. They have a quick drying, non-toxic, gel nail laquear  that can help you get on your way to events. Dazzle Dry also has some beautiful and fun colors for fall.  I think it would be neat to discuss different nail designs. Dazzle Dry has so many colors to choose from you can do basic red and green for Christmas or blue and white for Hanukah. You can write on your nails with another color of nail lacquer  after it dries.

Fall 2016 colors

Here are some ideas of holiday words:

If you are artistic, you can draw simple snowmen or holly on your nails. The sky is the limit. If you are going somewhere warm, think tropical colors or beach themes. Have fun with it.  Dazzle Dry is great because it lasts long. You won't have to spend time reapplying. You are rolling out cookies, shoveling snow and making crafts. Don't waste the time and money at the salon when
Dazzle Dry can give you gorgeous nails without the fuss.

If you become a member, you can get a $5 voucher.

For more information and to order please visit the Dazzle Dry Website.

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