Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fall Car Tips

It's getting to that point where old man winter is around the corner. It seems like time is speeding by. Fall is a great time to check your car out and prep for Winter. Winter is a very busy time during all the holidays. You need to plan ahead to make sure you are ready for it. It seems like only yesterday, summer started.

Make sure you stay on top of oil changes. It's really important to make sure you have one to keep your car in tip-top shape.

You should also check your tires and see if they are worn. You can use a coin and put it in the grooves and see if it will stay. If it falls, your tires are balding.

Get your brakes checked, it's always important to have great brakes but remember that if it gets cold where you live, you may need to make sudden stops on the ice.

Stock your first-aid kit. You have probably used most of the bandages in your first aid kit, replace the over the counter medicines. You don't want to be stuck with a horrible headache in your Chrysler and nothing to take.

Replenish your safety kit, check batteries in your flashlights. Wash your blankets and towels so they are fresh for if you need them.

Make sure you have plenty of snacks in your glove box. Check expiration dates and make sure you have everything ready. You can also include some can goods that have pop tops and plastic silverware.
Noah seems to always be hungry in the car, so we go through snacks quickly. He's a growing boy so I make sure I only keep healthy snacks in the car.

Look for your spare tire is in the trunk, you don't want to be without one. You may have used it and didn't put it back, it's good just to take a quick peek.

Purchasing a car charger for your electronics is a smart idea. I know that cars have them built in now, but purchasing one with USB is great when you have multiple devices in the car. It makes it easy to always be charged.

Have a map in the door. OK I know that everything is digital, we have GPS in our phones and cars and the internet. It's always smart to have a map in case you don't have a signal or GPS doesn't know where to go. When we were driving home from New Mexico, we were in an area that the GPS didn't know where we were. My mom is old fashioned and always has maps in the car. It makes it easy for when you are in the middle of New Mexico, and you don't know where to go.

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