Friday, August 26, 2016

Why Everyone Should Live in Master Planned Communities

Deciding where you are going to live is a big decision. Not only do you have to find a home you like, you have to decide what neighborhood you would like to live in. Building a house is a big commitment. It is a very exciting time. Your inner interior designer can finally come out because you are involved in what your house will look like. If you are a parent, you want to live in a nice neighborhood with lots of children and things to do. I have always lived in a neighborhood with a pool. As a mom, that is important to me. Noah loves to swim so it's so easy to just walk to the pool. I also am a big fan of planned communities. I really like the idea of having activities to do all the time.  I think activities and amenities  really help you get to know your neighbors. You can live somewhere for years and not even know your neighbors. I have lived in neighborhoods where I didn't know anyone. I think it's because there were no neighborhood events.  I thought that was really strange because when I was a kid we all knew each other. It seems like people spend more time inside.

I have looked at master planned communities in the past. I love the idea of having a spa, and events pretty much daily. Some of them even have stores and restaurants.  The master planned community I really liked is Mira Bay. We almost moved in to Mira Bay, we looked at the neighborhood a couple times. We actually went to the grand opening of the neighborhood a few years ago. Noah had a blast, they offered face painting. Noah got his arm painted with a shark on it. It was really cool and he didn't want to wash his arm for a long time. I thought a weekly massage from the spa sounded like heaven. They had bingo and kids events.  I wish all neighborhoods were like that.

Noah's Shark from the Mira Bay Grand Opening.
 A few more reasons you should really consider a master planned community are: 

It really promotes community, you bond with your neighbors through experiences and events. There's classes and activities so you don't have to wonder who your neighbors are.

You get to know them on a closer level and become friends.  We all say hello to our neighbors but, do we really know them? Your kids will have instant friends, they don't have to wait until school starts to find children to play with.

There's usually a lot of different options of things to do. I have good memories of block parties and hanging out with my neighbors.

You don't have to waste gas driving to the gym or going to other classes. Everything is in walking distance. Your family will also get exercise and fresh air.

If your kids are bored, you can find something for them to do easily without having to go far.

I really encourage you to look for builders of master planned communities. There are so many builders out there, it's hard to know where to find them. GI Homes, Taylor Morrison, Olson Homes, Shea Homes, Terrata Homes, Vistancia, Mira Bay & Del Sur are all master planned communities. To learn more, please visit Master Planned Communities. You are going to be in your new home for many years to come, why not build your dream home in a great community.

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