Monday, August 8, 2016

Thank Heavens for Bluetooth

It seems like we are always on the go. From taking our kids to school to after school activities and sports, we are always going somewhere. If you work outside the home, you also have to be in the car for that. Add errands and we spend many hours driving each week. We also all have cell phones that go everywhere with us. People call us, people text us. It's a distraction. While you should never text while driving, even at a red light, you can talk on the phone. It's not safe to hold your phone while driving. Car companies know this so that's where hands-free options come in play. Before cars had built in blue tooth, we would use other blue tooth devices that we wore blue tooth headsets or used headsets we placed in our ears. Now it's really easy to answer the phone right from your steering wheel. You just push a button and you are connected.

Do you know how many people die each day from texting and driving each day? It's really dangerous because you are distracted. You may think that it's harmless but it only takes an instant to kill someone while you are looking at your phone. With games like Pokemon Go, it is becoming easier to become distracted. I think that the idea of Pokemon Go is neat. It's helping people get out and get exercise. It's bringing families together, but it needs to be under certain circumstances. Driving around looking for Pokemon can be dangerous.  It would be great if there is some kind of app that syncs to your cars blue tooth that says, Pokemon or something, so people can play but be safe about it. I know that you are supposed to walk to get them but that doesn't stop people from driving really slow hunting for them. It's not worth collecting the rarest creature if you hurt yourself or someone else to get it done.

As Noah says, "Better unread, than dead."

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