Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Surviving the Car Line

It's back to school time. Soon our kids will be returning to school and their eager little faces will be ready to learn and explore. It also means no more sleeping in, packing lunches, supervising homework, and yes the dreaded car line. If you don't have kids in school yet, let me explain, the car line or car circle as it is referred to at some schools is the long drop off and pick up line at a school. It sounds like a beautifully orchestrated event that happens twice a day, we are all adults, right? Unfortunately, no matter where your child goes to school, there are always several parents who don't obey the rules. I totally understand why there are such strict rules, the school's priority is safety. Some parents just chose not to care or are in a hurry.

Some parents line up thirty minutes before school gets out so they can grab their kids and go. Some parents try to get out of their car to greet their child at the door. Some parents cut the line, not remembering how to wait their turn. It's very important to obey the rules. I know it could be tempting to text, email and play on your phone during car line but it is also dangerous. You need to pay very close attention so you don't hold up the line, accidentally hit someone or another car. You are in a hurry, I get that but it is easier if you just wait your turn and follow the rules.

Schools work hard to make sure everyone is safe and that it goes as smoothly as possible. It can be a pain, but if you choose to pick your child up, that is part of the deal. I know that some schools have rules about how far you have to live to take the bus. When Noah was in kindergarten and first grade, there was a rule that you have to live two miles away, we lived 1.8 miles away. He wasn't able to ride the bus, so I had to go and pick him up. I am so thankful that he rides the bus now. His bus driver is amazing and he gets dropped off vs. having to go get him. It is definitely a blessing.

The car line can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Just follow the rules, and be alert for those who think that they don't have to follow the rules.  When you encounter someone who doesn't, stay calm and breathe. Don't be afraid to report someone who isn't obeying the rules to the school. Making sure everyone's child is safe is worth it.

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