Monday, August 8, 2016

Labor Day Road Trips

I can't believe that it's almost Labor Day. It seems like the time just goes faster and faster every year. Noah is going to be ten years old soon. How can he be almost ten? It doesn't even seem possible, but it is. Labor Day weekend is a great time to take a local road trip. It is fun to take some time to explore somewhere new that is in your state or close by. We have often talked about going to Great Wolf Lodge or some other local place just to get away one last time before fall. Noah's birthday occasionally falls on Labor Day weekend. In the past, we have gone to hotels to celebrate. One year we went on a cruise and he turned five on the ship, that was our big birthday celebration. He was turning five and I was turning thirty. Now that he is in school we have to think more locally. I don't like to take him out of school for vacations. Some ideas are to look locally. See if there is somewhere local you can go and spend a couple of days. You could even just make it a day trip if you are pressed on time. You could just pick somewhere on the map and explore. It's so easy with the internet to find out about a place. You would be surprised about the fun things you can find an hour or two away from you.

You can explore different places, or if you have talked about going somewhere why not just do it. Here there are so many parks to visit. We have talked about going to Brown County and Nashville Indiana a few times this summer but never did. Labor Day is great for those little trips that you just couldn't fit in during the summer. It doesn't even have to be expensive, you can just get in your car and go. You never know what you might find. Sometimes it's also fun to just get in your car and drive without a destination in mind. You don't have to worry about getting lost because of GPS. You can just drive until you are ready to head home. You may discover something really fun and amazing.
I would love to go back to St. Louis sometime. We went when Noah was four. It was an amazing trip but he doesn't really remember it. I think he would love it now that he is older. We have talked about it several times but just haven't made it back there yet. It's not that far so we should plan to visit soon. It's a really neat city full of history and fun things to do.

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