Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Help our Kids get to School Safely

Many kids will be walking to school this year. It's very important to slow down in school zones. You need to obey the crossing guard so no one gets hurt. Another thing you need to remember is that there are also kids who ride buses that walk to the bus stop. Kids aren't the best at paying attention all the time. I know they get distracted if they are talking with friends or playing on their device. It might also be dark out when they are walking to the bus stop.  You need to pay very close attention when you are driving through your neighborhood or down the street to make sure you are keeping our kids safe. Teaching your kids to look both ways is a great idea, but honestly, they don't always remember to do it.

If you are a homeowner, make sure your yard light is working so they can see if it is dark out. It might be a pain to change, but it is an easy task. If you have kids and your neighbor's yard light is out, change it for them. It might be something the neighbor wouldn't think about. School seems to start earlier the older your child gets. When it gets light later in the winter, there will be kids out there in the dark. When you leave for work, and your home is the bus stop, make sure you alert the kids that you are getting in your Jeep and backing out. Maybe even walk out and say that you are leaving and to please get out of the way. Most of the time the bus stop is at a child's home but occasionally it's not.

As a parent here are some things you can do to help. Walk with them to school, it's a pain, but it is exercise and you usually don't have to go far.  You should walk them to the bus stop each day and be there when they get off the bus if possible. Ask a neighbor who has a child at the bus stop if your child can walk with them. I know kids don't want to feel like they need a parent holding their hand but depending on where you live, it might be wise.

Remind older kids, not to use their phones or devices while they are walking to school or to the bus stop. Nothing is that important to forget to stay safe.  If they drive to school make sure they aren't using their phones in the car and are paying attention. It's easy to be distracted and with games like Pokemon Go, kids are spending more time walking around or driving around with their phones. My mom said that she saw some people playing it, and they looked like zombies. Thankfully, they were at a rest stop and not driving.

We can all work together to keep our kids safe.

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