Thursday, August 11, 2016

Get your Book Published with Mascot Books

When I was in school, one of my favorite things was when we did Young Authors. We were able to write and illustrate our own books. I remember the book I wrote in kindergarten. My mom helped a lot. She wrote the words for me and helped me illustrate. The story however was my own. It was about my friend and me and we went to Dance School. I still love that book that was bound with ribbon. I have always thought about publishing a book about a story my Grandma Rose used to tell me. It was kind of like a game. It's hard to break in to the world of publishing. I know many people who would love to publish a book but don't know where to begin.

There are a few different ways to publish a book. The traditional way where you send your book to different publishing companies where you wait for them to accept or deny it. It's really hard to get chosen. There is also self publishing through Amazon where they don't edit the book and you have to do all your own marketing and everything yourself. They just post it on line in an e-book and you keep your fingers crossed that someone will purchase it. It is lost in the shuffle of the other e-books.  Then there is the Mascot Books way.

Mascot Books is a full service publishing company. They will help you do everything. They will help you edit, find a illustrator, and market your book. Before I tell you more, I have to tell you the story of how Mascot Books was born. Naren Aryal had just been to a game at Virginia Tech with his daughter. On the way home, they were talking about their mascot The Hokie Bird. His daughter loved The Hokie Bird.  By the time they got home, Hello Hokie Bird was created. Naren Aryal basically had to do everything on his own to self publish the book. He had to Hire an editor, illustrator, graphic designer, buy an ISBN, find a printer and one day 5,000 books showed up on his doorstep They sold Hello Hokie Bird door to door. Hello Hokie Bird was a huge success so they went on to publish hundreds of books featuring colleges, professional teams and their mascots, hence the name Mascot Books.

A few years ago Mascot Books decided that we could help out other authors so they put together a publishing program.  The program is "full service publishing" and they provide an author with everything that they'll need to produce, market, sell, and distribute their book.  They will also help you get your book in bookstores and online marketplaces. They also publish children's books, that is some thing dear to their hearts. They also publish, nonfiction and even cookbooks. They will take a look at any book idea.

I had a chance to check out a book called  Blue's Road Trip Through Indiana by Trey Mock. It's illustrated by Yoko Matsuoka. We are Colts fans so it would only make sense that we received a book about Blue.  Not only is it a book about Blue, it's written by Blue himself. The quality of the book was top notch. The book is hardcover. It's strong hardcover because let's face it, not all books are created equal. The illustrations were beautiful. Noah and I both liked reading it together. It's about things you can do in Indiana. The funny thing was I have lived in Indiana almost all my life and I hadn't heard about a couple of the places mentioned. It makes me want to go visit them. Some of the places we have been to. I think it would be fun to visit all 26 places.

Conner Prairie is one of my favorite places to visit. They have a balloon that you can ride in. We have spent many days looking for the balloon when Noah was younger.  We haven't been in it yet. I hope some day Noah will go up in it with me.  Until then we just look at it from afar. 

Mascot Books is an excellent company to use when you are ready to publish a book. Their knowledge, marketing and books are outstanding. They also have quite a few great books if you are looking for something new to read.

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