Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Best ideas for a small bathroom

Bathroom is much more different than any other room or space within your home. First of all, it is a room where we require complete privacy, regardless of what we are doing. After a long work day, we like to step into the shower, take a nice, warm bath and forget about all of our issue. Also, if used correctly, it can be a romantic getaway for couples. 

Occasionally, bathroom can cause various problems. If you live in a smaller apartment, or if you just have a small bathroom, this can pose a real logistic conundrum. This room is always stuffed with various items. Make-up, washing machine (depending on the country in which you live), towels, drugs; they all require some space. At the same time, you would like to make the best out of it. There is nothing worse than having a filthy, messy bathroom. Furthermore, if you have guests, this is the room which always needs to be presented in the best light. 
Here are some tips that will help you arrange your bathroom, providing more space and making it look better.

1                1.    Use the door
People often neglect the fact that the door is inseparable part of the bathroom. Now, if you have limited space, you should definitely use the door to your advantage. You can put towel holders on them. This way, you are getting much more space on the walls to put other things such as bathroom radiator, shelves and cupboards. Nevertheless, there is one thing to have in mind. Given that you will be opening this door all the time, it is best to get sturdy, reliable holders. Towels need to be placed nicely so they wouldn’t fall off. Avoid hook holders as they do not provide enough support for towels.
2                 2.      Increase the mirror
Although this is not a functional solution, it is definitely an aesthetic one. Logically, if you put a bigger mirror, you are limiting your wall space for other things. However, mirror is always the centerpiece of every bathroom. Even though you might try to reduce the clutter by placing various objects in a cupboard, there will still be a lot of items within the bathroom making it look bad. In order to prevent this and avert attention, make sure to get a bigger mirror. People are likely to focus on the mirror as soon as they step into the bathroom. Additionally, you can buy a really nice frame which will attract even more attention.

3                 3.    Use the jars
Nowadays, it seems that everybody is using jars for various purposes. You can see them almost anywhere as they are the main element of various DIY projects. Jars can also be used for bathrooms. In some cases, even if you have cupboard within the bathroom, you will still be lacking space. This is very common for small bathroom. Now, getting an additional cupboard will be too much, both aesthetically and in terms of functionally. Truth be told, you probably won’t have that much make-up and hygiene products to fill two full cupboards. This is why you should go for the jars. They can be a cute addition to your bathroom, allowing you to place all these spare items in an elegant way. It is best to create a separate shelf especially for them or you can even attach them directly to a wall. As they are completely different from anything else in your bathroom, you can practically position them anywhere without disturbing overall design.   

4.  Add a shelf above the door
Space above the door is another part of the bathroom which we rarely use. However, it is precisely the spot where you should place some of the things. Given that this area is hard to reach, it is an ideal place for items that you seldom use. Also, if you have small children, you can use it for certain hazardous products. Shelf above the door is inconspicuous. Most of the people do not expect it to be there so they won’t pay any attention to it. This means that you can fill it with various items, in any order you like without worrying about aesthetics.

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