Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Road Trip Hacks

As I mentioned before, I love hacks. If you don’t know what a hack is, it’s something that is supposed to make your life easier using things that might be a little out of the ordinary. Since its summer and so many people are traveling in the next few weeks, I thought I would share some road trip hacks. Hopefully, you will be able to find some cool new ways to make your trip easier.

The first two hacks are things I learned from watching my aunt and uncle.  The first hack is clothes pins make a great snack bag clip. I am always losing the clips I use for snack bags. I am not sure why. I keep them on the fridge. They must fall down or get misplaced. Have a handful of clothes pins and clip them to the pocket in the backseat. You will never have spilled chips again. If you don’t have clothes pins hair things work too. 

This next hack is genius and something my aunt and uncle made up I am sure. They drive across the country a couple times a year with their dogs. They have made their own curtains for when it gets hot when they are driving in the sun.  They used bungee cords as a curtain rod and clothes pins to secure a sheet to the backseat windows. That’s a great way to keep the sun out. It also helps prevent their car getting hot when it’s parked.This would be great if you owned a Kia Sol or another SUV.

After many dirty bathrooms all over the country, I am glad there is an app called Sit or Squat. It’s available on iTunes and will help you find clean bathrooms to use.

You can use Press and Seal wrap as a lid. Just stick a straw in and go. This is great when you lose your lid somewhere in the car.

Purchase a multiple device car charger. That way everyone can use their phones and tablets and you don’t have to take turns. You can also get portable charging sticks that you charge and then it will charge with your device cord. It’s great on airplanes too.

Buy extra charging cords and keep them in your glove box in case you lose it or it falls out of the car.

When it’s meal time, use a caddy as a meal tray. You can keep everything in its spot and you don’t have to hold your drink with your feet or your other hand if there isn’t a cup holder available.

Use a binder clip and a rubber band to make a phone holder or to mount your GPS.

Hang your tablet in the case on your visor and then the people in the backseat can also watch. Please only do this on the passenger visor so it’s not a distraction to the driver.

This isn’t really a hack, more of a tip really, keep change accessible in the car to pay for unexpected tolls. Sometimes they tell you that a toll is coming, and other times you find yourself at a toll and scrounging for change.

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