Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pipsqueak Productions Animal Themed Gifts

Noah has always loved animals. For a long time his favorites were exclusively fish and sea life, now it is cats. We adopted a couple kittens last September and now everything has cats on it. He loves them. If he could have a cat on everything he owned he would be a very happy boy. I think it's both funny and cute. He will ask me to buy all kinds of things because there is a cat on it. A lot of the time I let him get something.

Animals, especially dogs and cats are all over things. I collect things with seahorses on them, it seems to be more difficult to find than dogs and cats. I am able to find some things though. Noah also loves to write letters and cards to people. He loves sending and getting mail. I think that is awesome with all the technology. The art of letter writing is not dead. He likes to draw pictures on cards and letters. Usually it's a cat face. He is working on drawing cat bodies. 

I learned about an artist that creates really cool animal themed products called Pipsqueak Productions. She sells stationary, home accents and even wearables with many different types of animals. If you were to receive a card or a note from Noah it would have a cat on it. Everyone who has had a birthday lately has received a cat card from him. Let me tell you that it's challenging to find cat cards at the store. If there's more than one birthday close together it can be tricky to find two different cards.

We also always give my aunt and uncle cards with dogs on them. We try to find cards with the breed of dog they have but an Australian Shepard is a hard thing to find on a card. Their other dog is a Golden Retriever so that isn't as difficult.  They always get the same breeds of dogs. When one of their fur kids pass away, they always get the same breed.

Pipsqueak Productions has me covered. They have many different Australian Shepard products that would make great gifts for them.  I love the Aussie Magnets. I can definitely see it among the many magnets on my aunt's old gas fridge holding up Noah's latest art work. I love that there are so many different types of animals and breeds too.

Noah is obsessed with different cat breeds. He reads books about them all the time. He thinks Stormy is part Maine Coon based on his traits. Pipsqueak Productions also has gifts for the different cat breeds. I didn't know there were so many of them until Noah informed me of them all. I knew there were a few but I definitely learned something from Noah. He teaches me a lot. He's so curious and loves to learn. I could probably buy all of his birthday presents from Pipsqueak Productions and he would be very happy. They also offer personalization for an extra special touch.

For more information, to order and to check out all the gorgeous products visit Pipsqueak Productions.

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