Monday, July 11, 2016

My Dream Bathroom

I really enjoy looking at pictures of people’s houses. I like to look at homes for sale to get inspiration to decorate my home. I also love looking at other people’s fixtures and accessories. I think it has to do with my dad being a realtor growing up. I was always going with him to open houses and to work with him. We used to attend an event where you tour some of the most beautiful houses in the area. It was always fun. I will always remember the house with the movie theater and the indoor lap pool. I remember wanting to live there really bad.

I also find myself thinking about what my dream bathroom would look like. I know that I would want a big tub with jets. I am not a big bath person but with the right tub, I can see that changing. I would sit in the tub with candles and music and just relax.  Noah would love a big tub too. He took a bath in my aunt’s huge tub when we were in California. I thought that he took up residency in it. It was so hard to get him out of it. I also would want a separate shower with a really nice shower head. Having a good shower head can make a huge difference. We have hard water, so my showerheads are starting to get build up. I have been thinking about replacing them with hand held shower heads. That makes me a little nervous because I can see Noah spraying the walls with it.

I love personalized bathroom drawer knobs. I think it can really enhance your bathroom theme. I am sure if Noah picked them they would be either kitten or LEGO themed.  I only have one towel bar in my bathroom. I don’t have any towel hangers in any of my three bathrooms. It becomes annoying when you have a hand towel because somehow the towel ends up on the floor or even worse in the sink.  I would also like new bathroom sinks. I love the look of free standing sinks. I think they are really neat. I would also love a really cool bathroom faucet.

A new toilet would be great too. I would want one with a neat flusher. I remember going to a friend’s house and not knowing how to flush the toilet. It was really neat when I realized how to do it. I was a little embarrassed but it was someone I had known my whole life so she thought it was funny. It would be so nice to have a dream bathroom that I can really enjoy.  I have actually started looking at PlumbTile to get some ideas for updating my bathroom. I would like to do it in bits and pieces instead of all at once. I hope someday my bathroom can be my own sanctuary and a nice place to relax.

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