Friday, July 8, 2016

Dollar Store Road Trip Finds

I love to save money and shop at the dollar store. You can find so many neat things there. One of the reasons I love shopping at the dollar store is because I like saving for big things like a new car from a Georgia Based Dodge Dealer.  As you are road tripping this summer consider shopping at the dollar store to get some of the items. First aid items are great at the dollar store. They sell bandages with minions on them. I forgot to pack extra bandages and I went to another store and paid a lot for the exact same bandages.

They sell pool toys at the dollar store which is great when you are traveling. Especially if you might lose them at the pool. They are cheap so if they can't fit in the car on the way home, you aren't out much. This is also great if your kids like to share with the kids at the pool.

You can find all kinds of reusable bags and buckets that are great for storing things in the car. Using bags and buckets, your car won't be a disaster area when you arrive.

The dollar store sells phone accessories and head phones in case you need a spare. I always travel with a cheap pair of headphones so I don't lose my good ones. I remember one year I lost part of my Blackberry headphones on a road trip.

You can also find batteries, flash lights and other tools for emergencies. If you don't have an emergency kit, you should really make one.

And of course, the dollar store is filled with books, coloring books, activity books, toys, stickers and even craft stuff that will entertain your children for hours while on the road.

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