Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Growing up my sister and I used to love to dance around in our basement.  We danced to Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, and Paula Abdul and of course New Kids on the Block. My sister was the biggest New Kids fan. She had a bunch of the trading cards, dolls, tapes and even videos on VHS. I looked up to my big sister so I also liked New Kids on the Block. I wasn’t as die hard as Julie was. She even saw them in concert. She loved Joey. I was more in to Jordan Knight.  My sister and I are only seventeen months apart so, we spent a lot of time together. New Kids on the Block has come back several times over the years but now they are back in full force. We occasionally talk about random things from the past. She knows I know a lot of trivia and random facts so she will text me to ask weird questions.

One of my friends Candy, is the biggest Block Head I have ever met. She went on the New Kids on the Block cruise last year. I found out later that they have a TV show about what happened on the cruise called ROCK THIS BOAT: NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. In season two of ROCK THIS BOAT: NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK, the cameras focus directly on the band with unprecedented access to all five members as they engage with each other and rock out with their fans, both on- and off-stage. This season will give fans a whole new perspective on the NKOTB cruise as they experience it through the band members’ eyes with pre-cruise video shot in their homes, exclusive access to rehearsals for deck parties and concerts, and revealing looks inside their cabins. It’s on POP and it’s really cool. I can only dream of going on a theme cruise. It would be so much fun to get to know the band. It’s not like they just sing and then hide away. The band is very interactive. I love watching them hang out with the fans. It’s like a huge party and concert all in one.

 I love how New Kids on the Block embrace their fans like that. I think that it really makes them awesome. If you think about it they were on the cover of every teen magazine month after month. They were a huge part of me and my sister’s childhood. I still have the Hanging it Tough VHS somewhere. I am sure the New Kids Cards are somewhere packed away. I found some Garbage Pail Kids cards so I am sure it’s possible. I really look forward to watching each week. I am loving Season 2 so far.

You can catch Season Two of ROCK THIS BOAT: NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK on POP on Wednesdays or On Demand.

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