Sunday, June 5, 2016

Let MomAboard Plan your Next Vacation

Noah and I love to go on adventures and travel together. We love to explore new locations. We also love going to the same places and finding out something new about them. As much as I love to travel, it can be a lot of work coming up with different things to do. It should be easier with the internet but if you are doing it by yourself, it can be time consuming. I always feel like we are missing out on fun things to do because we don’t spend a lot of time looking for those hidden gems. Thankfully, when we visit my mom, she always seems to know what is going on in the area. If you have an inside source, that is great but most of the time, you don’t.  It’s also hard to go through all the reviews on sites like Trip Advisor to see which ones are genuine and which ones are disgruntled guests or an employee trying to make their business look better. Believe me, I have seen people do this when I have looked at restaurants they own.

I learned about a company called MomAboard who will take all the hassle out of traveling for you. MomAboard has been founded by Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan, mother of 2, and former frustrated web-troller for useful family travel information. Kaamna and her family have lived in Australia, the US and now London and have visited popular as well as completely obscure parts of the globe together With MomAboard.

Kaamna hopes to make the world a smaller and easier place for parents to explore with their children. She believes travel is the best education and that well-traveled children grow into adaptable and unprejudiced adults. And the world needs a lot more of those today. 

MomAboard strives to connect traveling families with the most relevant and reliable source of information: the local mother. The Mombassadors are located all over the world and are hand-selected because of their knowledge of their cities and their understanding of what parents need when they travel. Traveling families fill out a short questionnaire telling them the ages of their children, likes, pet peeves, trip goals, interests and budget. The Mombassador creates a customized trip plan based on the family's preferences, complete with restaurant and activity recommendations, transportation guides, babysitters, accommodations, playgrounds, seasonal events, a map and much more. Each itinerary is available in a web, mobile and PDF-format for non-WIFI zones.

 This would be fabulous for Noah because he is a really picky eater. He won’t eat hamburgers, hot dogs or chicken. Sometimes finding restaurants I want to go to is difficult because they don’t offer something for him. We went to a Japanese Steakhouse for my birthday one year and he had ice cream while my mom and I had dinner.  It’s such a pain to look up a menu online, especially when it is a small restaurant with no website or menu posted.

We also love to attend local events like festivals and fairs. Unless you know exactly where to look, you will miss out. You can collect brochures in the hotel lobby but, they don’t give information about what is going on that particular week. It makes sense of course because it would be impossible to keep track of. I would love to just be like I am going here and I would like to do this and eat this type of food and have someone else do the work. I went on a trip to St. Louis several years ago and my trip was completely planned for me. All I had to do was show up and it was an amazing trip. MomAboard even gives you the address, time and recommendations of the location. You could even have MomAboard plan your trip to Disney World.

You can also get local doctor and hospital information in case someone gets sick. Noah had a really bad ear infection over Thanksgiving break when we were in Florida. He definitely needed to be seen. Thankfully we were at my moms and knew where to go, but if we would have been anywhere else, it would have been hard to find a place for him to be seen. If you want to go out on a special night on the town, you would need someone to sit with your children. MomAboard also provides where to go for sitters. Public transportation can also be something that is confusing. MomAboard has that covered for you too.  Think of it as your Vacation Fairy God Mother.

MomAboard also offers a move planning service, offering relocating families real information from local moms and the opportunity to meet our Mombassador. This is awesome because I know what it’s like to be new in town and not know anyone. They can help you find everything you need and make you feel like you have a friend in your new location.

You can save 10% at MomAboard by using the code SHEILACAKES until June 30, 2016

For more information and to plan your trip please visit MomAboard.

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