Thursday, June 9, 2016

Giving a Car for Graduation

School’s out or almost out depending where you live. Your sweet little babies have grown up to be young men and young women and are about to walk across the stage. Graduation is such an emotional and exciting time. They are taking the next step. Just as they have made many next steps before. When I was in high school giving a car for a graduation present was very common. It’s a huge accomplishment and deserves to be rewarded. I understand that not everyone can afford to give their child a car. A good used car would be appreciated. You could even make it a group gift. Instead of giving gift cards, or other small gifts, you could all combine your money and help your new grad a car.

Think of the adventures they will take in their car. They will make so many memories with their friends. They can go explore the country. A car would be a lot more useful and memorable than any other small gift they receive. Pooling your money together, can make this gift easy to obtain. It’s always easier when you share the cost instead of trying to do it all by yourself. You could also encourage them to use the money they received as gifts for a car. Approach it as an investment instead of stuff that they will only use a few times. You could even have others buy gifts like satellite radio or car stuff.

They will need it for the summer to get to work and if they go to college. Most college campuses are small enough to walk around but this way they can come home any time they want without having you come get them. It’s really their last summer of their youth. It’s time to go out in the real world and explore and grow. Besides if they have their own car, you can have them help you out by running errands and carting your younger kids around. Another idea is to match money with them if the car they want is something special. There is nothing wrong with having your kids work a little bit.
Go to your local dealer and check out their new inventory and find a car to help your child take the next step.

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