Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dear Disney Please Stop Killing My Childhood

Dear Disney,
I like so many other people watched your movies growing up. I saw movies in the theater and couldn't wait until they came out on VHS. My childhood was vested in Disney. I had all the movies, posters, t-shirts and all the other stuff I could get my hands on. I knew the songs forwards and backwards and really enjoyed every Disney movie I saw as a kid. I was a Disney die hard fan. I even attended a taping of the MMC. Every trip to Disney world was a huge deal. Then when I got older, I noticed that the movies started to not be as great. Granted it might have been me growing up as Peter Pan said I should never do.

I loved the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I remember seeing multiple times when I was in high school in the theater. I still watch it today. But one of my favorite movies since I was little is Pete's Dragon. I have memories of watching it on tv at my grandparent's house. Granted you already killed part of my childhood by removing the Snow White Ride at Disney World. Then you killed it even more when you got rid of the Norway ride. Thankfully my son was able to ride both of them before you turned them in to what you consider a new and exciting ride which little kids can't ride. The ride it's self wasn't scary but it was fun to feel like you were in the story. There was something magical about it. You also took away the Norway ride and made it a damn Frozen ride. There's no more learning about the legendary trolls, it's now about some stupid girls who want to build a snowman. Cause you couldn't possibly find another freaking spot in your huge parks for that. I always thought Epcot was about the different parts of the world. We don't need Frozen shoved down our throats anymore. Those were the two rides I loved the most. I am sure I am not alone when I say that.

Back to the whole Pete's Dragon thing. When I became a mom, I waited excitedly to watch Pete's Dragon with my son. When he was a baby, I sang him Candle on the Water as I rocked him to sleep. It took a little convincing to get him to watch it the first time. He thought it would be scary with a dragon in it. He loved every minute of it. I like other bloggers find out about movies through press releases. When I found out about Pete's Dragon. I was upset and angry. Most people have never even heard of it, which is a shame. I recommend you go our and see it immediately. Now the blogosphere is buzzing about this movie and I am like what in the world?! This can't be real. Who would let this happen? I know that most of them probably have never seen the original or love it as I do or they wouldn't be promoting it. Every press release I receive, every tweet I feel like Pete sitting in the corner wearing the dunce cap.

Why on earth do you feel it is necessary to remake this film? The magic of Pete's Dragon is obviously Elliot. The hokey pokey cartoon dragon that causes mischief for Pete. The new CGI "Elliot" looks scary. It looks like something out of Jurassic Park. Honestly if that's what Elliot looked like when my son was younger, he would have never watched it.  I got scared really easily as a child and I probably wouldn't have either. Pete's Dragon gave me hope. It helped me through some tough times as a kid. I could relate to Pete because I didn't always feel like I was worth much. My Gogans were classmates who treated me horribly. They didn't hit me but they were very cruel. Pete's self esteem was non existent before Elliot. Why does a dragon have to look "realistic" Elliot never had fur. What's wrong with one who has the head of camel, the neck of a crocodile, and ears of cow. He's both a fish and a mammal.

The entire cast was perfect as is. Mickey Rooney who is probably turning in his grave right now. Mickey Rooney was an amazing Lampey. The Gogans were perfect and evil but not scary. They were almost comical looking. Helen Reddy was fantastic as Nora. Let's not forget Jim Dale and Red Buttons. How can you possibly take a masterpiece and turn it in to a piece of crap? It was perfect. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid. It's not easy to find such a great movie. All of the cast dynamic works well.

How can you sit there and think this is possibly what anyone wants? I can feel Elliot crying. It seems like you are out of new ideas and you are just re-purposing the same movies over and over again. I am certain Walt would not be impressed. That's the thing about Walt Disney, he was a pioneer, an imagineer who came up with great and unique ideas and you have obliterated that.

What's wrong with keeping movies the way they were? I know we want to share them with our children so why not re-release the originals in theaters? Why do you have to keep changing things? I am honestly appalled that you are making a so called new Pete's Dragon. It is just like you are throwing away all that Disney stands for. I will not see this movie. My son will never see it. We own the original. That's the real Pete's Dragon. It worked because it was not something done before. It was about a boy who found hope in his dragon and found kindness in strangers when he was in a horrible situation. It gave children hope. It didn't have some unrealistic expectation of falling in love. The movie was about kindness and love and overcoming a real life obstacle. This was not a fairy tale. Unfortunately abuse happens in real life. This is not some prince who has been turned in to a beast or a mermaid who falls in love with a human and then turns into a human with no voice. I'm sure it has helped many cope with their Gogans and hopefully find their own Elliot or Nora to help them through. The song Candle on the water is about hope and holding on and never letting go that someday things will get better.

I am openly boycotting this movie because my nine year old self won't let you make a mockery of one of the best films of all time.  Stop stealing these films from us and making them again. It will never hold a candle to the original Pete's Dragon.

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