Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Make Mom feel Special with Breakfast in Bed from Blue Sky Family Farms #EthicalEggs

Mother's Day is this Sunday. How on earth did that happen? A lot of kids are wondering how they can pamper their mom? Moms do a lot. We have to multitask and juggle everything. We are master choreographers, we are nurses, teachers and even clowns sometimes. How can we treat mom and help her feel extra special?

Why not make her breakfast in bed? You don't have to be a five star chef. It's definitely the thought that counts. I remember the first time Noah made me breakfast in bed all by himself. It wasn't someone else making it and he just carried it in. He randomly surprised me by bringing me an English muffin with cinnamon and sugar and a soda. He is such a sweetheart.

Blue Sky Family Farms makes delicious eggs. The chickens are free range, pasture raised and treated humanely. They have become my favorite brand of eggs to use. I love that they are USDA certified organic too. Did you know that cage free only means the chickens are not locked in a cage? It doesn't mean the same as free range or pasture raised. Cage Free chickens usually just live in the barn without any freedom or space.  I love eggs in so many different dishes or prepared numerous different ways. I really enjoy the taste of Blue Sky Family Farms eggs. I feel good about the way the chickens are treated.

Here are a couple easy kid friendly recipes you can make for your mom.

Scrambled eggs
2 eggs
Tablespoon of milk

Melt butter in the frying pan so the eggs won't stick. Scramble the eggs in a bowl. Be sure to make sure there is no shell in your bowl. Scramble with a fork. Carefully pour the eggs in the frying pan over medium heat. Cook through.

Eggs in a window 
Two pieces of toast
Two eggs

Make a hole in toast  and carefully crack the egg in the hole. Try not to scramble it. Fry it until the egg yolk turns dark yellow. Be careful not to burn the bread.

Remember that you don't have to make a culinary masterpiece, just make it with love.

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