Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's Almost Time to say Good Bye to the Third Grade.

I can’t believe we are at the end of the school year already. It seems like he just started third grade. Here we are in the home stretch before we have a really fun summer together. I really like that Noah has a great teacher. He has been very fortunate since he’s been in school to have some really great teachers. It makes me think about when I was in school and about the teachers I had. I had some really great teachers and some not so great teachers. I never had a teacher who turned kids in to apples like Mrs. Gorf from Sideway Stories from Wayside School, so that’s a plus. I would categorize them more as Mrs. Viola Swamp. It was ok though and we just hoped for a nice teacher the next year. I am sure I wasn’t always a perfect little angel in school. I know I wasn’t, I wasn’t awful but I had my moments.

Anyways, back to this school year, Noah’s teacher is really nice. I really liked that she came up with The Last Twenty Days of School Countdown.  Every day they do something fun in the classroom. They have done experiments like Mentos and Diet Coke. They wore different outfits and accessories for Relay for Recess. They have written letters to the future occupant of their desk, which will be on their old desk when the new third graders arrive on the first day of school. They also wrote an adult a letter and made bucket lists and set goals for next year. I would have loved this kind of stuff in school. I even asked Noah if I could be a third grader too. He said yes, but he thought that he would switch places with me. I told him I could make out a to-do list for him, he decided he wanted to just be in third grade.

They had a carnival that they had to earn points to attend. It was quite the challenge. They had face painting and Noah came home looking like a kitten. Not just whiskers and a pink nose but they drew ears on his eyelids. It was so cute. I am glad that I took a couple pictures. Noah now wants me to buy face paint. I told him probably around Halloween. It’s kind of funny because he has had the opportunity to have his face painted before and he always had them do it on his arm. He has had some pretty neat sharks on his arm from different events. 

I am so glad that Noah had another great year of school and I am looking forward to an amazing and fun summer with him every day. Thankfully there's ParentsNeed who will be there for you during all stages of your journey of parenthood to provide you with information and guidance.

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