Monday, May 9, 2016

Family Game Night with Tenzi!

Noah and I love to play games together. We try and have family game night every other week. We have so much fun talking and laughing together. We like to pull out real games vs. playing on the computer. We have started to get kind of bored of the games we have. So, we retire them for a bit and then pull them back out after some time passes. I'm trying to teach him some card games. He asked me if I knew how to play black jack, I replied yep. I have been playing it since I was your age maybe younger with your great grandma Rose but we called it 21.

I learned about a game called Tenzi. The story if how Tenzi was created was two friends who by fate ran in to each other while holiday shopping. While chatting Steve asked Kevin what he's been doing. He replied thinking about board game ideas. They decided to join forces and Tenzi was born.  Their story is special because they had a rough start but were able to persevere and now Tenzi is in 5,000 stores.  It's a four player dice game where  players each have ten dice. You all roll all your dice at the same time. Then you  pick your number based in how many dice you have with the number up. So if you have five 4's then you place them to the side and you keep rolling your heart out until all your dice read your number. The first person to get them all yells Tenzi!!  That's the traditional way to play but there are many more ways to play. I love that the dice are different colors so there's no confusion.You can play with two to four players. If you have multiple sets, that just multiplies the fun.  You can purchase the cards that will give you 77 more ways to play Tenzi. Our personal favorite so far is Barkzy. Where you bark or meow when you roll. Of course we always meow! Noah loves kittens. I look forward to playing the one where you shout out movie quotes when you roll. I haven't played with anyone who quotes movies as much as I do yet. It would be a great game to play with my friend Ben, who is my movie soulmate. I can text him or say any random movie quote and he can name the movie, and I can do it as well.

Noah and I played many games of Tenzi and we had so much fun. He wants to play all the time. He is really good at it. He is so fast. He has won most of the games. I should really practice my Tenzi Technique. Maybe then I can win more. This game is awesome for anyone. Kids, families, older people, and college kids. You could even have Tenzi tournaments with your friends. The rules are so easy. It would also help kids with numbers and counting. It would be a great game for schools too. I remember having to roll dice in math class when learning about probability.

It would make a great teacher gift or a hostess gift or any kind of gift. You will want to buy two because you will want Tenzi for yourself too. I can see it now: The world Tenzi championship in Las Vegas.

Let's turn off the technology and play Tenzi. Unless you download the free app you can play Tenzi on your device while on the go.

For more information please visit Tenzi

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