Saturday, May 7, 2016

Adorable Flats from Ja-Vie

I am going to tell you a secret. I am not a shoe person. I don't have tons of shoes. If I could be barefoot all the time, I would be. Unfortunately, we have to wear shoes in stores and at restaurants so I can't be barefoot all the time. I can't stand uncomfortable shoes. I have to be able to walk in them without falling down. I prefer shoes without heels. I was never meant to wear heels. I am already pretty tall so I don't need the extra height. 

I learned about a shoe company called Ja-vie. They sell adorable flats in really fun prints. I really like the starfish print and the lobster print. Ja-vie makes you feel stylish and carefree. I really had a tough time picking out which print I wanted. I really was leaning towards the starfish or one of the funky colors. They reminded me of summer and spring. 

I went with the Black w Black Glossy Flats because they were the most practical and I needed something that could double as dress shoes. All the dress shoes I have had are either misplaced, old or uncomfortable to wear I can't stand without wobbling. Ja-vie Flats are so comfortable. I forget I am even wearing shoes. I really like them. They are stylish and I have received compliments from friends. They are different than my normal brown beach shoes that I wear all the time. The shoes are also affordable. I can see my mom liking these too. Let's face it comfortable black shoes are hard to find. Just ask my mom, she has been looking for years. I better keep an eye on them so they don't walk away.

For more information and to order please visit the Ja-Vie website.

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