Thursday, April 14, 2016

The ChildMinder System Helps Prevent Leaving your Child in the Car

Being a parent is a very hard but an amazing job. I know when Noah was a baby, I worried about everything. I used to have dreams where I would be holding him and I would fall asleep and I would lose him. I’d wake up frantically and see him asleep in his crib. When you are a new parent, you may sleep deprived and not quite used to having an extra passenger in the car. Occasionally, you may hear a news story about a child being left in the car. Most of the time, it is a parent who just forgot. We live in a very distracted world. We have email, internet and social media at our fingertips at all times. If you have a lot on your mind and your baby is asleep, you may forget they are even in the car with you. If you are a caregiver who occasionally watches a child, you may not be accustomed to getting the baby out of the car.

Baby Alert realized that this is a real problem. They created The ChildMinder System to make sure that no child is accidentally left in the car. Baby Alert really cares about the safety of our children. I love that the ChildMinder system exists. I wish I would have had it when Noah was younger. I never left him in the car, but it would have been great to have the peace of mind. Parents are so hard on themselves when something happens. It's really easy to say, oh I would never do that, but it happens. Baby Alert has you covered with their awesome ChildMinder System. You can safely use it for babies and toddlers too.

When Noah was three, I was in the bathroom and he had gone out the sliding glass door, and out through the screened porch. It had happened to be unlocked, which never happens. There was a lot of snow on the ground. I ended up coming downstairs and finding the door open. I freaked out. I found Noah outside in his rocket ship footed pajamas. My neighbor happened to notice him out there and came to the door. I had him back inside before the neighbor arrived. I felt horrible. I cried and cried. It was a very hard moment. Noah was outside for like two minutes. He wasn’t hurt or cold. I was convinced I was going to go to jail. It was horrible. I immediately bought alarms and latches for all the doors and a bar for the sliding glass door. It never happened again.  I am just glad that my neighbor was out clearing snow. You can be the most attentive parent, and sometimes things happen.

Here’s some information from Baby Alert:

The ChildMinder Systems make use of dual methodologies to prevent inadvertent parent-child separation while the child is in their safety seat within an automobile.

1 Audio Reminder
The ChildMinder Systems are engineered to create an audio alert in the event of an unintended parent-child separation while the child is in an automobile within their CRS/Safety Seat.

2 Association and Visual Reminder
The colorful, child-like Key Fob on the driver’s key ring serves as a constant visual reminder, for the secondary caregiver, of the child's presence. In fact, the Association and Visual Reminder is so effective, that once the parent or caregiver has purchased one of our ChildMinder Systems, they are unlikely to ever require the audio reminder.

I think that if you have a baby or a toddler, you should look in to the ChildMinder System. It is really easy to install in any safety seat. You just use attach the harness clip and you are ready to activate and go. If you have a preemie, you can use the soft pad system. Good news, you can use the same system through the toddler years. No need to purchase an additional unit. The Elite Pad  is also really easy to install. Just put the Elite Pad between cushions or under the seat cushion of the child safety seat  It’s also crash tested and safe using the sled test. The ChildMinder SoftClip is a safer chest harness clip, designed to exceed specifications of USA and Europe requirements FMVSS 225.  

It has both audio and visual reminders, which is great if you are hard of hearing. If you have multiple systems, you can use up to four systems on one key fob. You don’t have to worry about carrying four of them. That’s great when you already have your hands full already.

For more information on the ChildMinder System please visit Baby Alert’s website.  

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