Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jazz up your Nails with Dazzle Dry

As a busy mom, it is important to take time for yourself. It helps you relax and refresh. You can really do anything you enjoy. I enjoy watching a good movie or spending some time pampering myself. I can't afford to go and get my nails done. I just don't have the time or the patience to sit there for a hour and wait. When I want to paint my nails it seems like the whole world knows that I am busy. The phone rings, Noah needs something, someone is at the door, and my kittens want to me to pet them. When you are waiting for your nails to dry you become useless until they are completely dry. You have to rely on your kids to help you out.

I learned about a company called Dazzle Dry. They offer a gorgeous nail system. It's not just a bottle of nail polish, it is so much more. Dazzle Dry is a complete system. To experience all of the benefits, the whole system must be used as each component is designed to do something and all are needed to solve the problems inherent in all other nail polishes.

Here's what's in the system:
- The Nail Prep is to prepare the nail for maximum adhesion of the Base Coat. It also infuses the nails with calcium, hydrolyzed protein and provitamin B5 for healthier, stronger nails.

    - The Base Coat should be set on a bowl of very warm to hot water before using to make sure it is clear, not foggy and has no sediments. Apply two layers for maximum adhesion. The rubbery consistency of the Base Coat after        it dries on the nail is the basis of our proprietary FLEX TECHnology that gives the Dazzle Dry system its long wearing property.

    - The Nail Lacquer is uniquely different from all other brands of polishes as it does not contain nitrocellulose while all other polishes and base coats of other brands have nitrocellulose.. The absence of nitrocellulose throughout the       Dazzle Dry system makes the system the only non-yellowing nail polish system. Nitrocellulose is an unstable polymer that degrades over time and in the presence of moisture produces nitric acid. Nitric acid is highly oxidizing         and causes the yellowing of the nails. In addition to their non-yellowing property, Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquers are fast drying. There are 190 colors of various finishes presently.

    - The Top Coat adds gloss and protection to the color. Some women erroneously think that the top coat is the key to the long wear of polishes. Top coats provide gloss and abrasion resistance and some hasten the drying of the polish. They are not meant to improve the adhesion of the polish to the nail. Base Coats do that. To achieve the trendy matte finish, Dazzle Dry has Mattie, a mattifying top coat that we recommend be applied over the glossy top coat.

I totally love that Dazzle Dry has no toxic ingredients. Other brands call their products 3-free, 4-free, 5-free, 6-free, 7-free, etc., Dazzle Dry can make all of those claims plus more. For example, the well known professional nail products company called CND (known for Shellac) recently announced their new polish line called Creative Play which they claim as 7-free (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene and methyl ethyl ketone). Dazzle Dry is free of all of those chemicals mentioned plus it is free of TPHP and nitrocellulose, so therefore according to their claim, Dazzle Dry is 9-free!

Dazzle Dry has no reactive ingredients. Because it is free of reactive chemicals and other ingredients known to cause contact allergic dermatitis, they claim Dazzle Dry is hypoallergenic - that means it is less likely to cause allergies when compared to other products used for the same purpose. Indeed, that is borne out by the reports from customers who break out in rashes when they use other nail polishes yet they have no such adverse reaction when they wear Dazzle Dry. That's great for those with sensitive skin.

Dazzle is vegan and cruelty free. That means they do not test on animals and the product does not contain animal-derived ingredients. Anyone can use Dazzle Dry and not compromise their beliefs and lifestyle where as in other brands that may not be possible.

Dazzle Dry is long wearing - Most women who use the entire system and follow directions carefully, typically get chip-free wear for at least 7 days and most get 14 days of wear without chips. I think that is great. I know I wash my hands many times a day. I feel like my nails start chipping really quickly. It's annoying when you spend the time to paint your nails and only for them to chip a few days later.

I love all the fun and gorgeous colors too. You can find a color for any occasion. Anyone would be able to find their signature color. Signature colors are definitely real. My mom has worn a variation of the same color nail polish as long as I can remember. It is funny because I can always identify her hands in photos from her nail polish. It doesn't matter if I am nine or if the picture was taken a few weeks ago. 

Dazzle Dry gives you the look of a gel polish without the use of harmful UV lights and you don't have to spend all that time waiting for your nails to dry. It dries rock hard in five minutes so you can go on with your day. It also is really easy to remove. No more scrubbing your nails or having your nail stained by dark colors. You also don't need to worry about getting a sitter or making an appointment. Dazzle Dry is at your fingertips whenever you want to do your nails eloquently or just for everyday wear.

To order and to learn more please visit Dazzle Dry

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