Friday, April 29, 2016

H2PRO helps you Love Your Guts.

As I am getting older, I have noticed my stomach is getting more upset. I get an upset stomach quite often when I am stressed out. I don’t like yogurt so I haven’t been getting the good bacteria my gut needs. I know that there’s not anything wrong with my digestive system because I had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy after my tumor surgery. Taking probiotics can help your stomach by boosting immunity and digestive health by promoting GI tract bacteria. I am personally a fan of anything that can help my digestive system. I would like to never go through the torture of a bowel prep again, until I am old enough where regular colonoscopies are recommended.  

I learned about a product called H2PRO, which is a really cool supplement that not only contains probiotics, but also vitamins.  H2PRO was created by Dr. Alan S Baumgarten. He has had over 25 years of experience with treating patients. Dr. Baumgarten is not only a physician but also a nutritionist. It only makes sense that a doctor would make such a great product.  You can choose the formula that works best for you. All of the H2PRO formulas contain selected vitamins and probiotics to complement their health needs. As a mom, my Immune health is very important, and as a woman, bone and joint health is something I try and think about.  Thankfully H2PRO has both an Immune Health Formula and a Bone + Joint Formula. 

H2PRO Flavorless Packet

H2PRO contains a superior quality blend of probiotic species that can survive our harsh stomach acids. There are seven billion CFU’s in each serving.  H2PRO Probiotics + Vitamins are great to take with antibiotics. The healthy bacteria delivered daily to our GI Tract helps boosts immunity and digestive health. Noah is around germs every day at school and on the bus. It’s also gluten free, sugar free, and has zero calories.  The flavors are light, so you don’t even remember you are drinking a supplement. Some other supplement drinks are chalky and disgusting.

I really like that it comes in different varieties because the flavorless is great to stir in someone’s applesauce.  I have also considered putting either the ACAI BERRY or the Lemonade flavor in Noah’s drink for lunch. He normally takes water with a couple squirts of flavoring. Getting Noah to try anything new can be a hard task.  I personally like all the flavors I tried.  I think that the Acai berry is my favorite. I am not a huge lemonade drinker, but it does taste crisp and delicious. I can just mix it right in my water and go. They are lightly flavored with 100% natural flavor. I like that they come in packets too that you can just throw in your car or purse.  You can fly with them and not have to worry about any liquids when you go through security. Just grab a 16 ounce bottle of water and drink it on your flight. You can mix the H2PRO flavorless in any 16 ounce drink you would like.

 I am particularly excited about the flavorless packets because I could hide them in so many different things as long as they are 102 degrees or less.  Noah would never be the wiser and he would be getting the bacteria his little tummy needs.  I also love that the packets do not need refrigeration.  Even though I regularly clean my fridge, stuff seems to get lost in there really easily. It’s also easier to remember if you keep it in your desk at work. Every day on your break, can enjoy a refreshing drink.  Remember to love your guts every day.

For more information and to order please visit the H2PROWebsite.

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