Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Celebrate Spring with Balloon Time

Photo by Jeff Mindell

Noah and I love making crafts together. We sometimes come up with all kinds of crazy things with just stuff we have laying around. For a month we would make things out of pompoms and pipe cleaners. Most of the time I just hot glued them to each other in different patterns. They really didn’t have much use but they were cute. Until we got our kittens, our orange cat Charlie, loves pipe cleaners for some reason. We made a flower out of pompoms and pipe cleaners and googly eyes and now it is has been drug all over the house. It no longer looks like a flower. It is just a stretched out piece of fuzz. Charlie still loves it though. I am not even sure why I buy them toys.  Noah and I are crafting machines.

When Noah was younger, he used to make things out of balloons he got at restaurants. He would attach a small bucket and try and make a hot air balloon. He would even make his stuffed animal a parachute out of a plastic bag. He loves balloons as most kids do. So it’s extra awesome when he can combine balloons and crafts together. One Halloween, someone gave Noah a bunch of very large balloons. We were on our way out to Trick or Treat. I didn't want to take the time to take them home so I carried them along. I got quite a few comments. I knew if Noah and I got separated in all the crowds of people and excitement all he had to do is look for the balloons. I joked that I was going to carry balloons any crowded place we went so he can always find me. 

 I remember wishing when I was a kid that they sold helium tanks so I could make my balloons float. Now Balloon Time sells personal helium tanks to help you bring the party home. I remember getting balloons from a party store and losing half of them on a windy day. It was such a disappointment.  We no long have to worry about that, we can do it in our own homes or even at the party site.  It’s only $20 for a personal helium tank too, and you can find them at Walmart, Dollar General and many other retailers. It’s so easy to just get it and go.  You don’t have to hunt down an employee to fill your balloons or stand in line at the party center and pay inflated prices.

Balloon Time has been busy having fun by creating balloon crafts.  There are so many great ideas on their website that others have created. I love the DIY Daisy Balloons! That looks like such a fun spring craft for a Spring party or brunch. We sometimes have a family get together in the spring. We go all out with delicious foods and decorations.  It would be great to send each kid home with their very own Daisy Balloon.  This creation was made by Studio DIY. I love how bright and cheery they are! It is sure to make someone's day also as a surprise gift. You could leave them on a neighbor's door step.

You can find the complete directions and other awesome ideas on Balloon Time’s Website.

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