Friday, April 29, 2016

Car Insurance Commercials

If I had a dollar for every car insurance commercial or injury lawyer commercial, I would be able to own my own island and never have to worry about money. Many of them are really annoying. I don't really like most of them especially when they try and be funny. Sometimes you wonder what is really the best deal for car insurance for your teen driver. Noah will be driving before I know it. Time is flying by so fast. It seems like it gets faster and faster each year. I will have to shop around because Noah will just be like yeah that one, just to not have to spend the time on picking. I don't think I will use a commercial to pick though. I will probably put him on my plan or find something good but affordable. It makes me sad to think he's going to be driving someday. I wish I could just slow time down.

Some of the injury attorney ads are so strange. I remember when we lived in Florida, there was one where a guy just yelled and screamed. The lawyers were the aggressive attorneys. No one liked the ad though because people were complaining and they ended up taking it off the air with a much more toned down ad. I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief because it was so pointless and loud. I wonder if they lost new clients because it seemed like they were in a frat house carrying on.

I think when you are making an ad, you need to remain professional. I am not really a fan of the gimmick of weird spokespeople. It just looks like they are trying too hard. Sometimes I look at it an think what did I just watch and why does it have to do with car insurance?

Here are some tips about getting Teen Car Insurance

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