Thursday, March 24, 2016

Salonpas Review

As a mom, I am constantly running around. I do a lot of grocery shopping and heavy lifting. Noah loves to drink milk and I have been known to carry in three gallons of milk at one time. I am a lot stronger than I used to be lugging my big boy around when he was younger. I have noticed that as I get older, my back hurts. I don't like taking lots of over the counter medicine.  Partially because sometimes the pain comes back before I can take more. I am thankful that I am no longer in the pain I was in with my tumor and after surgery.

My mom is also older, although she doesn't look like it. She often has back pain and knee pain. She really doesn't like to take ibuprofen during the day. She is sensitive to medicine. So, we have looked for alternatives. I had a chance to try out the entire Salonpas line. Salonpas are made in Japan. Salonpas has many different formulas.

Their most popular product is the  Pain Relief Patches. You stick it on your skin and it helps get rid of pain. I like it because it's so easy to apply. There's no pills to swallow, no creams to apply, it's just like a sticker. You stick it and go. The patch is thin so it doesn't bother you during the day. They are also easy to bring with you when you travel. I really like that it helps me. I feel better when I use the Salonpas patches. They come in different sizes so you can find the size you need.

Salonpas also has patches with hot capabilities called Salonpas Gel Patch Hot. They are great when you have deep muscle aches. I love that they both are hot to get really deep. I have used lotions that do this in the past but I didn't like that my fingers would also feel hot even after washing them. The cream also smells weird. When Noah was younger he thought it smelled like weird root beer. It's also messy and if you have a pain on your back you have to either have someone help you or put some on your hand and hope that you will get it in the right spot while flapping your hand on your skin. Then you end up with it all over your clothes or on your sheets. With the Salonpas Gel Patch Hot patches you can avoid all of that. It's great for bigger areas.

Salonpas also makes Deep Relieving Gel. It's fast acting and melts quickly on your skin. It's not greasy and it's great for smaller areas. It's for sprains and bruises and pretty much and ache you have on your body. I like to use it on areas that are hard to  put a patch on like my knees.

One of my favorite Salonpas products is Jet Spray. You can just spray where it hurts and have fast relief. I love that it comes in two sizes. You can keep the big one at home and the smaller one in your purse or car for a quick spray. 

You can find Salonpas at most drugstores. They are also sold in grocery stores too. Look for them with the pain relievers.

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