Thursday, March 24, 2016

Road Trips are Good for You

Many people dread road trips. They are long, boring and take so much time to get there. Yes, they are all those things, but it is really how you look at it.  I personally like road trips. I still fly often due to a time limit but I learned at a young age that you can learn a lot on a road trips. I think that families should take more road trips. Here are several reasons why you should consider a road trip for your next family vacation.

 You can learn a lot about history and different cities by reading the signs and stopping at the visitor centers. You can sample local cuisine and visit different festivals. Recently I went to an art show and a Chinese New Year festival in the same day. It also happened to be the same day we arrived.

You also are forced to talk to your family. I don’t mean that in a bad way but there is just something about being locked in the car with people for hours, you open up. You sing, share stories, hopes and dreams. You really have a chance to listen to each other.

 I believe that road trips are better at making memories together as a family. I can barely remember specific flights I have been on, but I can remember almost every road trip I took. Trips by plane are so repetitive. You get to the airport, you check in, go through security, you wait for your flight, you board, you fly, you get off the plane. Every trip you do those things. No wonder I can’t tell the difference between them.

You can take your time, if you want to stop, you can. If you want to take a short side trip, go ahead. You can get out of the car to stretch whenever you need to. Anywhere you want, that you can drive to, you can go. If you get tired you can stop for the night.

When you fly you barely have time to do anything, and of course you are just in the airport. You have to worry about boarding groups, delays, connecting flights.  The only time I have been to Vegas was in the airport. I think I have been to the Vegas airport 5 times. I have never actually been to Vegas though outside.  

The world is yours for the taking in the car. You have free reign of your location. We always stop at the Alabama and Florida Welcome Centers.  Noah loves the rocket at the Alabama welcome center.  He always picks up every flyer they have too. I guess it’s payback from when I used to do that as a kid. I still find the pamphlets interesting and sometimes they have coupons in them.

I believe that road trips can make you a better person because you are closer to your family. You learn to listen better. You learn new things and you learn to enjoy the beauty the area has to offer. I know that I am a better person because of the road trips I took with my family growing up.

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