Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our Day Trip to Downtown

This weekend we decided to go to the Indiana State Museum. It was a lot of fun. It was also quite a bit of a drive. Charlie, our orange kitten was sick so we went to the animal hospital the night before and I had to go on a journey to find a place to make his compound medicine. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go 45 minutes out of our way each way and were able to get Charlie’s meds all taken care of. I really enjoy going on day trips to downtown Indianapolis. We usually eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory when we are down there. I love their broccoli. Anytime we are in the car, I tell Noah to bring a book. The number of books depends on how far we are traveling.  He often asks to bring an electronic but I always say no. We have fun looking at the buildings and scenery. He is starting to really pick out the different buildings. We did decide that we will stay in a hotel someday when he go downtown so we can spend more time.

The State Museum was really fun though. I learned a lot. Noah loved the animal stuff. There was a big globe but it wasn’t working correctly. I highly recommend when you go to a museum, or gallery, talk to the person at the information desk. You will get the best tips and that way you can get more out of your trip.  You also aren’t wandering through the building and you have more of a backstory.   

My favorite part of the museum was the Culture exhibits. I really liked the who is from Indiana room. I thought I knew them all but I learned that Colonel Sanders was actually born in Indiana. I always thought he was from Kentucky!  We also had Orville Redenbacher. They look a lot alike, I wonder if they were distantly related.

We also spent a long time looking at the pendulum clock. It was really exciting to see it knock down the pillar. There was an arcade that Noah really wanted to go to but it cost extra and we were on a time restraint.  There were really old games from the 80’s. It’s so funny because he always acts like the 1980’s were such a long and magical time. I was probably like that when I was young when I would talk about the ‘60’s. I remember trying on my mom’s skirts from high school when I was Noah’s age. I guess the 80’s were a really long time ago after all.

I can’t wait till this summer when Noah and I can go on more day trips. He desperately wants to go to a cave. He also loves to go to parks and hikes. He went to Mounds State Park last weekend too.  I want to take him to a cave, Brown County, and maybe some other fun places too. It’s just so exciting to get in the car and be able to go somewhere exciting without having to go far or worry about hotels or anything traditional travel entails.

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