Friday, March 25, 2016

My Favorite Spring Break Spots

It’s almost time for Spring Break. It’s strange how different places have spring break at different times. I think it is smart though or all the vacation spots would be extremely crowded. We always went somewhere for Spring Break growing up. My mom loves the beach and so I. It was pretty common that we would go to the same places year after year. There were also locations where other kids from my school would go to too. So, you usually saw people you knew. The locations would change throughout the years.  When I was in elementary school, it seemed like everyone always went to Siesta Key.

 I remember renting a condo and there were kids I went to school with staying in the same building. I know at least one family it was on purpose because our dads worked together. It was nice to know that you would always know someone though. In Jr. High and high school most people went to Sanibel and Ft. Myer’s Beach. We only went once. We went to Clearwater a lot. It was our go to place. We would even stay in the same hotel many different times. It was always an easy but long drive. We rarely flew. I remember flying to San Juan PR when we went on a cruise. I know the only reason why was because we couldn’t drive, or we would have.

The cruise was really fun. My sister and I hung out with all the other young teens on the ship. We went to the disco. Went swimming together and did almost everything together. I remember having a crush on one of the guys. I was pretty boy crazy back then so it was pretty typical. We went to Aruba which was totally beautiful. Grenada was really cool too. It’s the spice isle so we bought baskets of spices. I think that we still have them somewhere too. In Venezuela a mango tree fell down in front of the jeep my family was riding in. It delayed getting back thankfully we were all able to get back on the ship in time.

Clearwater was always my favorite place to go for Spring Break because the beaches are beautiful. The people are really nice and it’s just like paradise. We used to eat at the same places. We would go to a place called Leverrock’s because it was delicious seafood. It is no longer in Clearwater and has moved multiple times and I think we have been to every location. It’s one of everyone’s favorite restaurants. A couple years we went to Orange Beach Alabama. We stayed in the same resort both years. It was a pretty fun trip except when we were driving down there, and we had to get out of the car because there was a tornado close by.

I love when I was younger and I would meet new friends at the pool. We would stay in contact for a few months after the trip but then forever lose contact with each other. This was back when long distance was charged by the minute. There was no Facebook and many people didn’t have email and we had to rely on writing letters and quick phone calls just to say hi. I never did see any of them after the vacation. I guess they were single serving friends that were just there to hang out with at the hotel and beach. Even the times I would meet someone who didn’t live very far, we never connected. Then when you develop your vacation photos you have all these pictures of you two together and you make a lifelong friendship in your swimsuit while Red Red Wine or Hot Hot Hot played in the background.

I hope to be able to do the same with Noah and travel during spring break every year and make those great memories with him too.

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