Friday, March 4, 2016

Backpal Helps Lighten Your Backpack

When I was in high school, I never used my locker. The school was huge and we only had seven minutes between passing periods. I didn’t even know my combination, let alone where my locker was all four years. Everyone carried their book bags to their classes. We were on a block schedule so we only had four classes a day. We alternated classes. Even though we were on a block schedule, the books were still heavy. I remember coming home with a backache on the days I had four classes instead of three with a school wide study hall. I would walk slightly hunched over when I wore my back pack. I honestly don’t know how I did it every day. I was much younger then, of course.

 Now as a mom, I worry about Noah’s back. He normally doesn’t bring home text books often, but I know that soon he will be lugging those bricks around like I did. He complains about how heavy his backpack is even now. I remember, and say I am sorry. I didn’t have the heart to say, it will only get heavier. I will encourage him to use his locker when he has one. I think that back packs are now no longer allowed in high school classrooms, due to safety concerns. This has been a problem children have faced for a really long time. Even with using a locker, they still have to carry their bags on the bus, or to and from their locker. Carrying a heavy backpack every day can cause long term back pain that can stay with them as an adult. Another thing I have noticed is that Noah’s backpack is a mess. It is really hard to organize it. There are only two pockets and even with a binder it’s still messy.

I learned about a really cool product called Backpal. I caught it on American Makers on the Science Channel. Noah loves the Science Channel and invention shows. I often watch them with him. It was created by two students Deja and Canyon Viau. I think that they are brilliant for coming up with a solution to help solve the problem of heavy backpacks. They created a backpack insert, that helps distribute the weight of the items in your bag. If you think about it, when you put things in your child’s backpack, gravity takes over and most of the weight is at the bottom. The strain on your shoulders and back can be painful and cause long term effects. There can be a gap of space that would weigh little to nothing. Backpal will help fix that. I occasionally ask Noah what he has in his backpack. It feels like he is carrying a ton of bricks. In reality, it’s not a ton of stuff, just what he needs for school each day.

Not only will it help distribute the weight of the bag, it will also organize it. That is a must for my messy kid. You don’t have to be a student to use Backpal. It will also work great for professionals. If you have ever traveled with a laptop you know how heavy that sucker can get. It would also be nice to not have everything all over the place. I wish I could fit one in my purse. No matter how often I clean it out, it always seems to weigh a lot. Maybe I should start carrying a backpack instead. You don’t have to worry about finding the right size or ordering a special backpack to use it. It fits in all backpacks. It’s a one size fits all. It’s really easy to install too. You all know how much I hate putting things together.

 It’s just three easy steps:
Step 1: Place in Backpack

Step 2: Expand the adjustable strap

Step 3: Load and that’s it! You can save $5 buy pre-ordering Backpal too! I love when I can save money.

For more information and to start protecting your children’s backs today and check out Backpal

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