Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sharing Memories of your Road Trip

Part of traveling is making memories and taking a lot of pictures. Thanks to technology, it is really easy to share memories with others. Before everyone had smart phones that take amazing photos, you had to take the film to be developed and then either mail extra copies of your photos or share them in person. Sometimes family members would share their slides of their trip on a big screen. That could get boring really fast.  With email we were able to scan our photos and send them five at a time and of course we had dial up internet so it could take hours for the email to send. Whoever received them would have to spend time to download them. Now, we can send 30 pictures in a matter of minutes. You are also able to get the perfect shot because you can instantly see the photos and decide if you need to retake it or not. It was fun though wondering how your pictures turned out, and if you found a roll of film or a disposable camera to see what was on it.

Here are some fun ways you can share your road trip photos with others with hardly any effort:

Creating a Facebook album is a fast and easy way to share photos with your friends and family. You can even set the options so only friends or specific people can see them. If you have them public, you can easily share the link with people who may not have Facebook or you don’t want to friend.
Using Instagram is another easy way to share your photos with others. You can set up a private account where you control who sees your pictures, which is great when you have pictures of your children and possibly a picture they may find embarrassing when they get older. In reality, it’s just a baby picture.Don't forget to take silly photos while you are riding in the car.

Creating slideshows are fun too. You can set them to themed music, add backgrounds, put them in any order you want and add captions. You really can tell a great story that way.
You can easily share videos you took too. It’s almost like they are there with you. We have cameras that make it easy to just start filming. Some of them have live stream capabilities so they are experiencing the moment with you.

Uploading your road trip pictures can also help you keep them backed up. You can upload it to a website and have access to them and get prints. Most of the time the photos are there for a really long time. They also have huge amounts of storage.

There are all kinds of gifts you can purchase using your memories like photo books to blankets.
I personally enjoy getting together with family and looking at pictures together so they can tell stories and explain what’s happening in the photograph.  Unfortunately, that can’t always happen, but at least you can share your lives and adventures with technology.

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