Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How Gas Prices effect Travel

Gas prices are at record lows right now. It’s wonderful not to have to pay an arm and a leg at the pump. That’s when you have to start making sacrifices. It could be anything from your morning coffee to going out to dinner on the weekend. Gas really can add up quickly. When you decide to travel, you have to factor in gas prices. You are less likely to travel in your used car when the gas prices are high. Plane tickets are also more expensive, so you postpone that much needed vacation. Going on vacation can refresh you. You also have the anticipation and excitement leading up to your trip. There are quite a few things that effect your life when gas is expensive. You are less likely to go for a drive to explore new places. It’s so much fun to just drive without knowing where you will end up.  You can really find some hidden gems in your state by just going for a drive. It’s also a great way to make memories.

You don’t go out with friends as much especially if they live in another town. Getting together with friends is also a great way to renew your spirit and just have fun. You see your family less because you are rationing your gas. Family is extremely important. The bond you have with your family is unbreakable. You spend more time at home. If you have a child who plays sports, you don’t go support them at away games as much as you would like. Many kids ride a bus to away games, so if you don’t have to take them, you may not go. You only shop at one store. You might spend a little more on your food budget, if you are used to shopping sales. You are less spontaneous and if you are a one income family gas prices can hit you harder. When you are looking at purchasing a new car gas mileage is something you should really pay attention to. It can definitely help you save in the long run, even when gas prices are high.

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