Sunday, February 28, 2016

Help Stop Odors with Universal Deodorizer

When you are a parent, you know accidents happen. Milk gets spilled and the stench of spilled milk is awful. Kids wet the bed and at 2 am no one want to hear mommy, I had an accident.  Making the bed is hard enough, but at 2 am it’s like performing brain surgery. When your child is potty training depending on the method you use, it could cause a lot of soiled clothes. I don’t like to do a lot of small loads of laundry, and it always seems to happen right after you finished washing your mountain of laundry.  Kids are cute but they also have their smelly moments.

Thankfully we can handle those smelly moments with Odor Control Bags.  They come in three different sizes and use activated charcoal to wick away the smell from whatever you place in the bag. They are made by Flat-D who specializes in products to help people with digestive issues. As someone who had some digestive problems, it can be embarrassing, and I wish I would have known about Flat-D as sometimes it really hurt to hold things in. When I had a six and a half pound tumor crushing my organs, not being able to get relief in public was extra painful.  Many people have digestive issues, it’s very hard for them because sometimes passing gas is the only way for them to feel better.

Here’s some more information about the bags:

Flat-D Innovations Inc. has developed a new line of products for absorbing nuisance odors, like smoke, scents, perspiration, and mildew, out of your clothing.

Universal Deodorizer products use our special activated charcoal cloth to pull those smelly odors out of your clothing articles. Activated charcoal is the most effective odor removing product on the market.

Save time and money by simply putting your smelly item in the bag. In as little time as overnight, it will pull the smell out of the item placed within it. No need to go to the cleaners or use cleaning chemicals.

Use it to remove perspiration and fragrances and scents from your hunting clothes. The deer won't know you are in the area.

We offer 3 different sizes of bags - Clothing Carrier, Laundry Bag, and a Utility Satchel. These bags use our proprietary activated charcoal cloth to absorb and remove those unwanted odors from your clothing items. (shoes, suits, and gym clothing etc.)

The laundry bag would be great for families that have kids that play sports or great for parents who use cloth diapers. The laundry bag is a must for anyone with children. I have a son and I know how smelly kids can get. It would also be good for parents who are potty training or deal with kids who wet the bed. No one likes to do laundry at 2 am. You can wait until morning with the laundry bag. It will prevent the unmistakable odor of urine. I used the laundry bag for when I would hang out with one of my friends who smokes and smokes in his car. I didn’t want to walk around smelling like an ashtray after an afternoon of hanging out with him. I also used it to put towels in after Noah spilled milk and didn’t use paper towels. I am really working on that with him. It worked really well in both instances. I was able to wait until I had enough clothes to wash to do a load. This would be a lifesaver for those who don’t have their own laundry machines. It would be a pain to have to decide to smell it, or pay to do a small load of laundry. 

 The Clothing Carrier would be great to keep your suits and dresses in and have them fresh for the unexpected party or event. Going to the dry cleaner can be time consuming and costly. Sometimes things come up at the last minute and you have to get ready to go. You can't wear a smelly outfit when you have a job interview or work event. You could just store them in there so it’s ready for you to go.  

The Utility Bag would make a great gym bag or equipment bag so you don't come home with smelly workout clothes. If your kids play sports, get each one of them a Utility Bag so you don’t have that odor of sweat and grass filling your nose each night.  You can also use them for your stinky gym clothes and shoes. 

Odor Kleen is great for small places. I have two kittens who are smelly boys. I put an Odor Kleen by their litter box and it has helped immensely. I am not sure why one of the litter boxes was so smelly. I would clean it twice a day, but the smell of urine was knock your socks off smelly.  I also keep one in bottom of my trash can in the kitchen. I am so thankful I have learned about Odor Kleen.

For more information and to order please visit Universal Deodorizer.

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