Monday, February 8, 2016

Consider using an ecofriendly dry cleaning alternative

I remember thinking when I was younger, that the dry cleaners was the coolest thing. I remember going with my dad to pick up his dress shirts and suits for work. I wanted to take all of my clothes to the dry cleaners so I wouldn’t have to wash them or even hang them up. Everything was done for me. I learned quickly that taking all of my clothes to the dry cleaners was not an option for me and it was pretty silly if you think about it. I have used a dry cleaner on several occasions when I needed my favorite comforter cleaned. I also used it when I accidentally purchased clothes that were dry clean only and got them dirty. One of my favorite  pairs of pants were dry clean only, I had to watch the weather so they wouldn’t get all wet or worse muddy. I only dry clean things that are visually dirty and can't be cleaned at home. I know some dry clean more often, but working from home, I wear my comfortable clothes a lot.

When I get bored I research things, so I found myself reading about dry cleaning. Noah and I had a brief conversation about it. Something he heard on TV.  I really didn’t know much about it. Noah and I have some very interesting conversations. I was really surprised that they use harsh chemicals during the process. I guess I hadn’t really thought about it. I just thought that they used safe products. Thankfully, we don’t have problems with skin sensitivity in my family. I know so many people do suffer from it though. I started wondering if they are able to use dry cleaners or not. Freshly dry cleaned clothes always seemed to have a strong chemical smell, so I would have to spray it with something to mask it. Then you have the time I sprayed too much Juniper Breeze spray and it was awful. I had to air out the house.

 I also didn’t realize that being exposed to the chemicals in dry cleaning could possibly cause neurological problems, liver and kidney damage. That’s really scary to think of. I worry about the employees and if they are at risk. Do they even know this?  I knew someone who worked in a dry cleaners and I don’t think they knew the risks really. Why aren’t there signs posted in the shop? If that can do that to your body it has to be horrible for the environment. I imagine it could contaminate our water and air. The hot air has to come out somewhere.  Breathing in the chemicals would be awful. I hope the workers wear masks. I had never heard of this, I am glad that I decided to research it.

I have decided I will not go to a traditional dry cleaners that uses harsh chemicals. It is not safe for my family, or pets.  Thankfully I was able to find an ecofriendly cleaner that doesn’t use those chemicals. They use bio-degradable detergents and water, which is safer for your clothes and your health. It doesn’t create dangerous waste that could contaminate the soil or water supply. Since I work from home, it would be great if they delivered too. It would be so convenient not to have to stop at the dry cleaners to pick up something. I hope you will join me in telling people about the possible dangers of using a traditional dry cleaners and look for a safer dry cleaning alternative.

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