Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bradford Movers Makes Moving and Storage Easy

I have moved several times. It was usually within the same town or at least county. Moving is not my favorite thing to do. I actually dread it. I always say that I won’t move again, but I always do. I refuse to move by myself. I always hire movers to do the job. It’s less stressful for me. I remember when we moved when Noah was a baby, it was extra hard because I had to take care of him. I remember just sitting in our empty house with him while the movers did all the work.

As a blogger, I spend a lot of time reading different press releases. I get quite a few in my inbox, but I also read sites like PRWeb to learn about exciting companies. I learned about this company called Bradford Movers.  Many families move over the years due to a variety of factors, this family business took moving people to a new level and built special custom moving trucks to move people better. 

Sometimes you are in a hurry to move depending on where you are moving. You don’t want multiple trips. A customized moving truck can help you move more and possibly help your belongings arrive safer.  When you move, you just want to relax and enjoy your new home.


Why a Storage Unit makes Sense:

While living in an apartment in Florida, there were a lot of college kids going to law school. During the summer they would move out and go home. There was always an array of furniture and belongings out by the dumpsters. It became a tradition for the college kids to throw away their furniture when they left for the summer. I guess they would buy new items for the next school year. If they had a storage unit they could save money by just storing their couches and desks. Some of my old neighbors would refurnish their apartments every summer.

Not all the law students would move out, but when college students move out of their apartments for the summer, what happens with all their stuff? I assume it gets thrown away or moved. If they live out of state, moving it wouldn’t make sense to just have to move it back. You actually save money by getting a storage unit at Newmarket Movers.

Many families are downsizing as their children get older. A common problem with downsizing is all the stuff you have acquired throughout the years. You have your children’s childhood stuff, maybe your parents’ belongings, and just all the stuff you can’t bear to part with.


What to Look for in a Storage Facility:

Selecting a storage facility can be easy if you know what to look for. Security is one of the most important factors. You want your stuff to be safe. Look for a place with cameras and 24 hour surveillance.

Access is also important, you want to make sure you don’t have a storage unit you can’t get to. Check the hours of access. You may need something in the middle of the night or on the weekend.

Getting a storage unit you can afford is a great idea. You don’t want to worry about how you will pay the bill. Size also matters, you can ask for help to get the right size of unit for your needs.

Make sure you get a unit that is close to you. Even if that means moving your stuff and having the movers take it to the storage facility, unless you are in college of course.

Think about what you are storing, if you are storing your classic car or a boat, make sure you get a temperature controlled unit to protect your investment. If you are storing an extra car or a trailer, look for a facility that offers secure parking too. You may have limited parking at your home and no one wants to park their extra cars on the street.

Good luck with your move, and enjoy your new home.

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