Monday, January 25, 2016

Unique Ways to Save Money

Saving money is such a huge thrill to me. It makes me so happy when I can save. It doesn’t have to be a lot, because it all adds up. I don’t understand why people don’t shop sales, use coupons and look for extra savings. If someone wants to pay full price, than it’s their choice. I like to save what I have. It helps me buy more or save it for a rainy day. There’s some pretty interesting ways you can save more. There’s cash back sites, that you receive money back on your purchase, coupon sites, you can earn money for answering questions and being a part of focus groups. It’s important to make sure it’s legit though. Some survey sites are just ways to get your information and to spam you to death. I am always looking for the next way to save especially on big purchases. 

When I saw York Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram offers discounts to certain groups of people, I was like wow! I had never heard anything like that. I know cell phone companies do that, but car dealerships? That’s huge because you want to save when you are purchasing a new car. They have offered a military discount but others are based on what your career is. I think that more places should offer these discounts. I would like a 50% blogger discount on everything please. You can really tell when a company cares about their customers when they go the extra mile to help them save. Some businesses have a bad reputation because they seem to only care about their profits. I love that a local dealer cares about us. It’s really easy to save money when you focus on it, make it a habit and stick with it.

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