Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tips to Help you Succeed at Your New Years Resolutions

I am not very good at making New Year’s resolutions because I don’t know what life will bring. I try to make goals throughout the year instead. I make small goals that I know I can achieve. I don’t want to set myself up for failure. Many of my friends make New Year’s resolutions. Many want to lose weight, some want to save more and others are just work related goals. With a goal of losing weight or working out more, people will start out really strong. They will eat right and go to the gym. Then the excitement starts to dwindle down. They stop going to the gym less. They are eating more junk again. It can become a vicious cycle. You also have those who make unrealistic resolutions and want to do it fast. With everything it takes time. Making small changes is a great way to go. Maybe cutting out dessert after dinner 3 times a week to start. It’s not a huge change but you aren’t shocked in to it. You will make better choices about what kinds of desserts you will eat.

 If you are trying to save money, try to bring your lunch to work. Go out maybe once a week. You will enjoy the meal even more because it’s a special treat. I know when I am trying to save I cut out extra things like meals out. Growing up we had fast food or went out to eat once a week. I always looked forward to it. I still am in that habit. The only time I go out to eat more than once a week, is when I am on vacation or I have company. Some weeks I opt to not do it. I know it’s not much but if you are paying $20 a meal out every night its $100. I have friends that don’t cook and always go out to eat. I personally couldn’t eat like that. I would get so bored so fast.

Another popular resolution is to buy a new car.  Many people notice problems with their car when the weather is bad and they have to keep repairing it.Why not start  the new year with a new car?

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