Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tips for Starting Your Car in the Morning Safely

On cold mornings, we dread going outside to go to work. We are nice and warm in our homes. We have to scrape our windows to be able to drive safely. We have gotten in the habit of starting our cars so they are warm when we get in them.  Maybe your spouse will brave the cold and get your car ready for you in the morning. It can be dangerous to do this though. Car thieves will drive around neighborhoods in the morning looking for that running Mercedes with no one inside. They will just take it and drive off and you suffer the loss of your car. You need to take the necessary steps to keep you and your car safe. Especially if you have a really nice car. Thankfully most new cars have an option for heated seats so you won’t be too cold if you need to get in a cold car.  You could always park in the garage so your car isn’t as cold in the morning and you wouldn’t need to let it warm up before you leave in the mornings. You also eliminate any need to scrape your car’s windshield.

 Here’s some tips to help keep your car safe in the mornings:

1 If you are going to warm up your car, use your spare key and lock it. It will be harder to steal if the doors are locked.

2 Have someone keep an eye on the car from the inside of your home.

3 Make sure you have the headlights on and other outside lights too. They will think someone is inside the car waiting to pick someone up.  Don’t have the lights inside the car on.

4 Keep an eye out for your neighbor’s cars too. Report anything suspicious to the police. It’s better to be mistaken than not do anything.

5 Do not keep valuables or house keys in your car. Your key should be separate from your house key in case your car is taken. You don’t want to invite the crook in to your home too.  After all they do know where you live.

6 Be aware of your surroundings and who is around when you start your car in the morning.  You can never be too careful.

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