Saturday, January 16, 2016

Teach Your Children about Animals and Protecting the Earth with Birdsong and The Eco-Wonders

Noah has always loved music. I think it started when I was pregnant with him. I would listen to music and I could feel him kicking me. I knew that he was going to really like music. I would also put on music when I was worried because he hadn’t moved in a while. I didn’t realize that babies sleep in your uterus too. He listened to music every night when he was a baby to help him fall asleep. When he was a toddler he listened to the same cd over and over again. Now he loves music class at school. He loves to sing and dance. He actually has his own song he made up. It doesn’t really have any words, it’s just kind of a humming to the same tune. I would say its Asian inspired. We call it Noah’s happy song. He sings it when he’s playing or concentrating on something. It is just something he likes to do. He still likes to listen to music before bed. He had been listening to a cd I made years ago with all the songs my mom and I listened to on road trips. Noah’s favorite song on the cd has been known to be on repeat before. Noah also loves animals. It’s funny because his name came first and his love for animals, especially sea life and fish came later.

I recently learned about a series of music by Birdsong and The Eco-Wonders.  They sing amazing and catchy songs about animals and sea life. I mean if there was a band for Noah, this is it. They use real animals as their inspiration. The songs are also eco-friendly and teach children about keeping the earth clean. That’s a really important message for not only kids but for everyone. Trash isn’t only ugly to see on the side of the road, it can be deadly to animals. If a plastic shopping bag gets in to the ocean or a bay, it looks like a sting ray and a sting ray can get caught in it and die. It’s not ok to be lazy and throw things on the ground, or out of your car window. Take the extra time to throw it away. Keep a reusable tote bag in the car and throw it in there. Your act of selfishness because you didn’t wait to throw something away could cause an animal harm.  

Birdsong has two albums. If I were a Fish (and other Ocean songs for kids) is a great collection of songs about the sea. Not only is it fun, it’s also educational. I know as a mom, I sneak in every bit of education I can.  Your kids will have fun dancing and singing to these songs. Songs that teach your kids are important. When I was in the sixth grade, I learned a song about the presidents, to this day I can still say all the presidents in order. It sounds kind of strange but it has helped me in life. I really like the song Keep the Ocean Clean. I love Sea Otter Grooving. It’s so fun to dance to. Noah and I dance along.

The second cd is Everything is Connected. It’s true if you think about it, everything is connected. We are all part of an eco-system that works together in harmony. If you get rid of a part of it, it affects everyone. If we had no more trees, the animals that live in the trees would have no home. We would have no shade and less oxygen and animals would have no food.  The songs are also educational. Even the Worm Poop Song is funny and yet catchy. We have to take care of the Earth because it’s our duty to protect it.

The albums are available on CD or on iTunes. Check out the website to watch the stunning videos.  You can even catch Birdsong in concert if you are lucky! There’s also free coloring pages.  The cds would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your kids. It’s different than the traditional candy or stuffed animal that will just be tossed on the pile.

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