Monday, January 25, 2016

Checking Tire Pressure in a Dress

I am not the most mechanical person in the world. I am a whiz at electronics and computers, but I must have not received my Grandpa’s mechanical skills. I think that is partially because he passed away before he could teach me. One of the things I do know is understanding how to check tire pressure and fill tires. I never know exactly how long you have at the air pump at the gas station. They should really have a timer on it. I am sure watching me put air in the tires is truly comical. I always wonder if someone is filming it. One time my mom, Noah and I were going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. My mom and I were both wearing nice dresses and we had to stop and get air. It was so funny because we were racing around the car. We temporarily lost a couple of the air covers. We couldn’t park as close as we wanted to so we had the cord stretched out. We probably looked like two chickens with our heads cut off. We were right next to a busy intersection so I don’t think people could really stop and watch us. It was so much fun though. Noah was also pretending to be the pit crew captain yelling out orders out the window. He was in charge of looking at the sensor and letting us know when it hit the right number. I kept an eye on it secretly, just in case. He did a great job though! He felt like he was part of the action, he really wanted to do it all by himself.  After watching Cars and Cars 2 more times than I can count he deems himself a real expert.

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