Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Do you Have Enough Space?

When you decide to expand your family, with a new child or a new pet you plan for everything. Do you have enough space in your home or a big back yard for your dog to run around in. If you are trying to have a baby, you go to the doctor, you take prenatal vitamins before getting and after you are pregnant.  You go out and purchase all the supplies the baby needs and all the furniture. You spend all this time planning and waiting and then finally the day comes and the baby is born. You have to make sure you have a car seat because the hospital won’t let you leave without one. You have to make sure you have a place for the baby to sleep and all these things. What is the one thing that some people forget when they are planning on having a baby?

You go to the animal rescue or pet store and you find the perfect puppy to bring home and add to your family.  You load up all the kids and you make a day of it. You have lunch, you stop and get some special treats and toys to welcome Scruggles in to your family. You sign all the paperwork and it’s time to take him home. Everyone is so excited including Scruggles. You get to the car and you realize there is not really much room for Scruggles. You need a bigger vehicle.

When you are planning on expanding your family make sure you have the space in the car. You can also think in the future when you are car shopping what your future plans are even if you are waiting a while. There’s a reason two door convertibles aren’t great family cars.

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