Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Winter Memories and Snow Days

Winter will be here soon. It seems to come faster each year. I remember when I was younger how time seemed to drag on. Now it just goes so fast. I am not sure if it’s because I am a mom and watching Noah grow up is making it fly by. I do treasure every moment which is important. Last winter was a pretty rough one. It wasn’t because we got a lot of snow, it was just really cold. We had a conversation about snow days today as I was hanging Noah’s school calendar on the fridge. It helps me remember when he has days off or half days. It’s really helpful just as a calendar too. Noah mentioned that he wants a lot of snow days this school year. I had to remind him that every day he misses they have to make up by law.  He also commented about the extra days that would be make up days after school is supposed to get out. I hope that this year it’s not as cold as last winter. We didn’t really get to play outside much because of the horrific wind chill.  \

There are so many fun things to do out in the snow. I remember having so much fun in the snow as a child. It’s of course different now that I am a grown up. I kind of dread it. My skin has thinned out, I get old really easily but I want Noah to have those memories too.  I want to make snow angels with him. I should probably invest in adult snow pants. Do they even make them for adults? Last year I would just put on a bunch of pajama pants and jeans over them. I want to make snow slushies and I just read an article about Frozen Bubble Fun that I know my little scientist would love. I think that they are gorgeous. I can’t wait to see Noah’s face when we do this fun activity together. I am sure we will take lots of pictures. Thankfully we have a waterproof digital camera so we won’t have to worry about the snow.

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